About the Pylon Gateway category

Pylon Gateway is Terra’s premier token launchpad.

For projects, Pylon Gateway provides a flexible methods of fundraising and bootstrapping their early stage projects.

For users, Pylon Gateway opens up a route for secure, lossless, and value-additive crypto deposits that serve also as investments.

Currently there are three main methods of fundraising that are available to projects: (1) Pylon Pool (2) Pylon Swap, and (3) Pylon Scout. For more information on each method of fundraising, please refer to the Pylon Documentation.

Projects are encouraged to provide detailed information about their proposed token distribution plans via Pylon Gateway while also proposing benefits to MINE stakers. Projects that are ready to propose a launch may upload a Pylon Forum proposal on the Pylon Gateway > Project Application category.

Users are encouraged in the Pylon Forum to discuss new methods of fundraising, change fundraising parameters for projects that are live including votes of non confidence, and propose new features to enhance benefits for MINE stakers and Terra community members.