Added Mine to the Lp- doesn’t register that I have any in dash board

Hey there, I added some Mine for the first time to the Lp but is stays that I have 0.0 Lp staked and says that I now have 0.01 Mine. Wondering if it takes some time to show up or has something gone wrong even though it seemed like everything went smoothly?

When I look on Ape board it shows the amount there. I’m wondering how I see my rewards or withdraw it at a later date when it says I have 0 in the Lp pool on the Pylon page ?

Thanks in advance.

Remember that providing liquidity its a two step process.
First you create the Liquidity PAir
Second you stake your liquidity.
Check that you have staked your recently created LP. Click on “Provide or Withdraw”, and then in top, where it says "“Pool Stake” click in stake… you will see your LP availabel… ready to be stakes… click there and then “Stake Mine/UST”

Sadly the interface of the website is a bit misleading…

Hope this is the problem