Angel Protocol $HALO Liquid Pool

Angel Protocol would like to continue with our original plans to launch a Pylon pool, and we’d like to use the Liquid Pylon pool format pioneered with Nexus. 20% of all funds raised will go to MINE stakers. 20% of the remaining yield will be donated to charity through the AP Endowment governed by $HALO holders.

Project Name + Token Ticker: Angel Protocol, $HALO

Short Description of Project: Angel Protocol is a global social enterprise offering endowments for various use cases including charities & public goods

Team Composition: 25+ members spread globally and formed in original Terra/Delphi Hackathon

Current Development Stage of the Project: Token launched, private beta launched, >$4M raised for charity, public V1 launching January

Website URL:

Whitepaper URL:

Link to Social Media Channels: Twitter: @angelprotocol

Tokenomics: members.delphidigital. io/reports/angel-protocol-token-design

Name of Token + Token Symbol: $HALO

Description + Core Use Cases: Governance over Angel Protocol & charity fund allocations from shared community endowment

Anticipated Allocation on Pylon Gateway: 40M tokens (currently ~$3M). Current circulating supply 34M.

Proposed Method of Launch: 24-month Liquid Pool, $1M initial liquidity

We’re looking forward to partnering with the Pylon community on this pool and continuing the strong relationship between our protocols!


Overall it sounds really good to me.

Would the vesting option on the pool the the same as for the Nexus pool - rewards claimable instantly?

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Yes, that would be the plan!


A great project: I wish you to be successful and I backed you on pylon without any expectation of earning … I will support the pool


Amazing, love the liquid pools and the new opportunities they present. Great to have Angel Protocol joining to Pylon family :smiley:.


Hello there, more than one month and still no poll for the liquid pool. Any update ?


Yes, poll should be brought forward. No opposition raised and the proposal seems to be fair to Mine holders. It’s also a Protocol that matches with Pylon’s community values.

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No more news. Should we consider that this project falls through?

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Please excuse the delay in raising formal governance poll. This is still a path we want to follow, but we’ve delayed on our end until we’re out of beta and have stronger price action to support introducing additional liquidity for $HALO.