aUST as collateral for staking in UST pools through Pylon Gateway

Hello all,
I did a quick search through the forum and did not quite land on an answer to this question.

Would it be possible/feasible to use aUST from deposited UST on Anchor to provide collateral to participate in staking in the UST pools through the Pylon Gateway? Personally, I’m asking about the NFT projects specifically, but this question could be extended to most projects currently on Pylon.
This would be similar to using aUST on Mirror to collateralize short positions.

Is this something we have considered?
Is this something that is possible?
Does this make sense considering the new recently passed proposals regarding redistribution of rewards?

Thanks for the help!


pylon at the moment works redirecting anchor yeld from anchor earn to the project and pylon treasury in parametrizable percentages. About collateralizing: you are not taking a short position on anything or borrowing any money. The way the aust interests are involved is the one i described above.