BakedBuns.Farm - A decentralized bakery on the Cronos network

Bake BUNS. Earn CRO. Repeat!

What is BakedBuns.Farm?
A decentralized CRO miner Rewards Pool dApp built on the Cronos network that offers users the chance to access & experience financial freedom.

Invest CRO to Hire Bakers to Bake Buns, Re-bake your Buns and Collect your paycheck in CRO every day!

Stake your CRO and receive an up to 8% daily return and reinvest it to earn more!

Up to 6% daily (2190%)

Earn 12% of the CRO invested from anyone using your referral link.

3% Deposit Fees for Dev & Marketing

Why choose us?
BakedBuns.Farm is deployed on´s Cronos network, one of the most promising chains in the crypto space. We believe it’s a great moment to accumulate CRO as it has a great potential and we believe CRO will be a Top 10 coin in the following months.

The 3% Deposit fee which will be reinvested in its whole effort into the ecosystem developments and marketing for project growth. Therefore, team members will make their money from their own investments in the platform, which force all of us to work hard to sustain and improve the project.

Our Roadmap is very ambitious. We aim to create a cross chain ecosystem with the miner being the center of it. Our project´s aim is to make our Bakery Farm self-sustainable and non-dependent of new users deposits.

Best Strategy
How to maximize profit while sustaining the project´s health.

The best strategy for maximizing your gains and the ecosystem´s longevity is to compound 6 times a week and take profits 1 time a week. This way you will recover your initial investment quickly and from there on you will be making pure profit for an unlimited time!

Withdrawing too often makes your rewards go down to even <1%. Make sure to follow the 6/1 strategy.


  • BakedBuns.Farm Smart Contract Audit
  • Expanding the BakedBuns.Farm to special on-chain de-fi protocols
  • BakedBuns NFT Collection for Bakers to raise project TVL

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of Bakers?
Bakers does not have a set price. Lower TVL will give you more Bakers per CRO, Higher TVL will give you less Bakers. This creates a level playing field so no baker can be late to work. There is NO calculator available to work this out.

What will my daily percentage be?
Daily percentage is up to 6% This depends on compound habits, the time of day you compound or deposit and TVL fluctuation.

What happens if I always claim?
If you always claim (withdraw) your daily percentage will drop dramatically and will not receive the highest daily returns.

Is compounding more often better, 2 or 3 times a day?
Essentially yes. You will need to pay standard Cronos gas fees for every compound.

Can I get my initial back?
Baked Buns Farmer is a locked rewards pool, so no. You get your initial back over time through the rewards of the dApp.

Does Bakers amount decrease when you claim?
Yes, as long as there is TVL in the contract then there will always be rewards.

How does my referrals work?
If somebody uses your referral link, you get 12% of their rewards, that’s amazing so run and spread to your friends!!.

What prevents the devs from rugging?
The contract is immutable. Therefore, cannot be changed or altered in any way shape or form. It will also be audited and verified.

What’s your recommended strategy?
We recommend the tried and tested method as in it is written in the contract. Compound 6 days and claim 1 day a week. It will compound your investment and allow you to receive your initial back quickly.

We are planning to raise: $250,000.
The funds will be used to secure the App, and for our Roadmap initials.

Contract (Mainnet):



Thank you for your support!


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