Buyback amounts

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I got a question regarding the buybacks.
According to my knowledge, funds for buyback are basically some % of Anchor Yields on UST funds locked in the pools. In theory then. UST value of buybacks should be steadily increasing (all pools are still locked, and we added White Whale last week). Are there some other factors I’m not aware of?

Last week we had a buyback of 277k UST:

This week 135k UST were used:


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same thoughts from me. BTW last time it sent the buyback after 7 days, this after 8. Therefore I was expecting more UST than the week before (no gateway lockup has expired and 10% more accumulation time)

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I asked in telegram

Quasystaty, [12/3/2021 8:40 AM]
[In reply to Blackbird]

The buyback amount in UST is the accumulated value of the portion of “claimed project yield”. If a project decides not to claim yields for a specific week, then buyback amount will be lower


Makes perfect sense, thank you.

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