Community Marketing Grant Proposal

Since new users can’t post links more than two, I just posted the links of only CoinEasy TG and twitter.

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Pylon Korea Marketing DAO by CoinEasy

Introducing Our Team

We are Korean crypto marketing team called CoinEasy! Our vision is to make all users invest in crypto easily, which is why we introduce and educate decent crypto projects to Korean users.

We already have strong marketing base in South Korea. These are our marketing channels.

External Links of CoinEasy

  • CoinEasy TG channel: (4.8k users)
  • CoinEasy TG chat room: (3.3k users)
  • CoinEasy Twitter: (2.2k followers)
  • CoinEasy Instagram: (2.2k followers)
  • CoinEasy Youtube: (0.8k subscribers)
  • CoinEasy Blog
  • CoinEasy Linkedin
  • Coineasy

External Links of Coineasy Members

  • 100y blog: (1.0k daily viewers)
  • 100y twitter: (0.8k followers)
  • 100y (1.3k followers)
  • jsmode blog
  • golo blog
  • gnome de plume: (Loop finance official author)

Also, we already had a lot of AMAs with good projects, and have good relationships with our partners.

Our partners

Harmony, Stader, Terra Movie Club, Levana Protocol, Terra Unicorns, Metapool, DSRV, Pass the baton, Cita DAO, My Fat Babiz, OIN finance, Duskbreakers, Summoners Arena

What we’ve done for Pylon Protocol before

Blog articles introducing Pylon (2636 views)

Tutorials to use Pylon including Youtube videos

How to stake mine

Governance tutorial

How to provide MINE-UST liquidity

Lots of announcements about Pylon on CoinEasy TG channel

AMA with Pylon at CoinEasy community


Before, we’ve contacted the CEO of Pylon about Korean marketing and he recommended us to draft up a forum article and then to follow up with a governance pool on the webapp, which is why we write our proposal here.

These are our marketing plans

  • Translating Medium
  • Announcing Pylon’s news to Korean users in Korean
  • Introducing Pylon protocols to Korean users using our various marketing channels
  • Holding events that can make real users using Pylon (ex. staking party airdrop event)

Proposal Ask

$2.5k of $MINE a month

Wallet address