Debit Card & Yield Generation with Proteus

At Proteus, we noticed that the majority of Terra users are experienced crypto investors that have no problems navigating the space using their Terra Station. Also, they can use Liquidity pools and earn yield.

However, a huge portion of crypto enthusiasts don’t even know what Terra Station is and have no clue about DeFi possibilities on our ecosystem.

We are creating a platform, that will connect will all Terra protocols which offer yield and allow users to profit by following a simple 3 step process

  • Deposit/Buy (Yes, we have on-ramp) stablecoins from any network outside of Terra
  • Click ‘Invest’ to automatically invest your portfolio into different Terra protocols (Anchor, Orion, Nexus…) and generate Yield
  • Follow up your investments in our intuitive background, download transaction history for tax reports, and spend your gains in real life with our debit card.

The goal is to bring mass adoption to the DeFi world. Regardless of the users are coming from the Terra ecosystem or outside of it, we are Proteus want to provide an equal chance for everybody to generate yield in the crypto market.

Moreover, we are building different risk profiles & rebalancing algorithms that will analyze the market and suggest to users how to optimize their yield, and propose the best times to invest in liquidity pools.

To learn more about Proteus, you can check the following links:

We are proposing the following Pools to ensure the long-term growth of the project:

We are thinking of offering 20M $PROTEUS (2% of the total supply) in 3 Pylon pools + 10M $PROTEUS into direct Swap for 0.06 UST. This is our proposed pool breakdown:

  1. Pool 1
  • Token allocation: 6M $PROTEUS
  • Vesting period: 12 months
  • Glow rewards claimable after 6 months
  1. Pool 2
  • Token allocation: 6M $PROTEUS
  • Vesting period: 18 months
  • Glow rewards claimable after 9 months
  1. Pool 3
  • Token allocation: 8M $PROTEUS
  • Vesting period: 24 months
  • Glow rewards claimable after 12 months

Our goal is to bring more people to Terra and create as many use case scenarios in the real-world as possible.


can you review the post please? I think the rewards description (3rd bullet in every pool) is wrong

Most terra ecosystem tokens are dumpfests. I’m not even researching anymore, the precedent is set and so is our reputation.
Is Proteus different ?

So a 24 month pool? Is there a reason you want to do this instead of the regular 6/12/18?

Why will people lock for 18 months if the allocation is the same as 12 months? Honestly I agree with blackbird, your entire post needs to have another look - make sure everything is correct.

Ummmm copy pasta overcooked sirs, please check the recipe.

Thanks for coming to Pylon with your proposal. Interested to read more about Proteus.

There is some more information I would be keen to know.

  • Are you raising capital elsewhere? If yes, where and how much?
  • Given you are doing a swap as well, would you be open to doing one single liquid Pool or even GFI instead of 3 different ones? We are finding that people prefer the optionality provided by liquid pools.

Would you be open to working with the Pylon community to develop a means of “community updates” and “benchmark achievement” over time?

Currently, our community is having issues with projects not meeting their defined roadmaps and at point, feeling rather dodgy. The community is exploring ways to potentially allow us to move funds from pools if a project is “not meeting expected standards”. The details of this have not yet been nutted out, but the discussion is taking place here ([Proposal] Allow withdrawals from Pylon Pools from projects that don’t provide meaningful updates or progress).