Development Grant proposal for Pylon-board

This is a development grant proposal for the Pylon Community Fund, as covered here:


During the past month or so, I have been actively developing a backend for ingesting Terra-based contract data, in order to visualize and analyze it.

Currently live “prototypes” are the two Google Datastudios showing:

  1. Pylon MINE staking stats:
  2. White Whale Gateway pool:

I wish to keep developing on this, while turning it into a proper PWA web application.

Below you will find a rough roadmap of my ideas for the development of this dashboard / application along with answering the key points of the development grant application form.

Also seeking for subdomain access to the existing and TLDs, e.g:


Getting the grant would mean an increased incentive for me to keep building, as well as offering the opportunity to build the app ads-free.

This app does not seek to be a competitor to apeboard and thus “my wallet holding features” are not currently sought to be added.


2021 Q4

  • [done] Initial backend work and Datastudio Prototypes
  • Create alpha PWA with existing Datastudio functionality
    • MINE Staking stats
    • Buy-back stats + estimated buyback for wallets
    • White Whale GW Pool
  • Deploy backend + PWA to Digital Ocean (public cloud)

2022 Q1

  • Add remaining Pylon Gateway
  • Pylon Gateway pool tools
    • Average distribution price calculator
    • UST deposit ⇒ estimated returns calculator
  • Liquid Pylon Pool tracking
  • Possibly extend MINE staking stats if more insights are neededPools
  • Add Liquidity Pool insights
  • Add your wallet to see info on
    • How you stack up in MINE staking
    • LP position size relative to others
    • LP entry value vs current value. This is a more in-depth version of LP than seen on Apeboard

2021 Q2+

  • Extending to other terra protocols (new Grant application)
  • Adding Pylon treasury data (new Grant application)
  • Adding Harbour (new Grant application)
  • Adding Pylon SDK (new Grant application)

Relation and benefits for the Pylon eco-system

The currently worked on and analyzed data is directly related to Pylon, namely insights on MINE staking, and insights into wallet distributions in Gateway Pools.

It seems to me like the data is already being used and considered in other forum proposals, showing the direct relation and benefit of having this data “world accessible”.

Adding all the remaining pools seem directly beneficial.

Finally, having everything accessible from one app that is mobile-friendly delivers much better UX than the current prototypes.


Current status of the project is a backend and database architecture ready to roll, which can easily be extended to ingest and analyze additional terra smart contracts.

The current google Datastudio prototypes are to be replaced with a PWA in the near future, preferably already in Q4.

Everything is currently privately hosted simply to reduce cost, but will be moved to public cloud hosting this year.

Team profile

Currently the team exists only me and a friend of mine (@diolar).
I have 20+ years of experience in developing software and I am a Software Engineer by education. I work daily as a consultant, so I am very used to managing project deadlines and interfacing with stakeholders to explain what is going on. Besides just implementing software.

I’m a full-stack profile, however heaviest in the backend and infrastructure part of the development chain. I know React and next.js and have already acquired a template to bootstrap the work.

Select team- and community members know my true identity and full profile, and can thus weigh in on my “appropriateness” to carry out this task.

@diolar has just joined the terra ecosystem, and has agreed to join the Pylonboard cause. He’s a senior frontend developer that I have had the pleasure of also working with professionally the past 5 years.
Well versed in React, next-js and master of CSS, he’s a great value add to the team.

Potential and longevity

Having access to statistics and metrics of staking and pool entries seem very valuable to have in an easily digestible format, for current, and upcoming projects launching on Pylon.

Insights into treasury, the Pylon SDK usage (if possible), as well as Harbour can be added in the future.

Cost breakdown

This grant seeks for the maximum amount of 30K UST worth of MINE.

Approximately half will be converted to UST to cover for:

  1. Expenses already paid for / upcoming payments
    1. Domain names ( + (unless free-subdomain access is granted by the team, as described in the intro) (60$ each, if acquired)
    2. nextjs template to bootstrap the work (49$) - already paid
  2. Recurring expenses, money deposited into Anchor to create a “forever runway”
    1. Application hosting (pricing might rise with usage/popularity of the application)
      1. Kubernetes or AppPlatform 50$ / month
      2. Postgres w. Timescaledb managed database 60$ / month
      3. Redis for caching 15$ / month
      4. Blob-storage 5$ / month
      5. Cloudflare PRO DNS + CDN: 20$ / month
      6. New Relic for performance tracing: currently 0$ / month but might go up
      7. Total monthly cost: ~150$. An 15K UST deposit to Anchor generates roughly 240$ / month leaving some headroom for growth, but should be self-sustainable. Any money not needed month-to-month will be left in Anchor to compound

The remaining MINE worth will be taken as “salary” for work already done and work to be conducted as part of the Roadmap. It will be staked in Governance.

Additional grant applications

As covered in the roadmap, additional grant applications might be filed for future feature additions. However Q4 + Q1 roadmap work will be fully covered by this Grant

Revision history

  • 2021-12-05: initial version
  • 2021-12-07: add Dio to the team

I would kindly support this unpaid intern of Pylon protocol to be paid for his efforts.


Love it. I am more than keen for Pylon to pay you for your awesome contributions.


I have updated the proposal. @diolar has joined the Pylonboard team :tada:


I had a thought about something that I imagine the community would find useful.

Re: the treasury.

Given the $UST income from pool yields is dynamic (pools finishing, new ones starting, etc.), and t swaps may potentially use the treasury’s funds over time (might do $500k allocation collected over 6 weeks), it would be useful to know if that would be possible. We wouldn’t want to commit to that only to have a few major pools finish beforehand, leading us to not be able to accrue $500k.

In addition, running totals of the treasury would be super helpful. i.e., there is currently $50K weekly in UST that could be used.


Very nice idea. Especially if you are able to think it in a general way can be adapted to many projects in terra and become a strong analytic tool.
An interesting topic could be visualizing the (soon happening) treasury in-flow: Atm they are the gateway redirections to pylon, which can be updated daily; even expected inflows can be forecasted building scenarios. The tool can analyse other projects too depending on their busines model…


I support this proposal.

Adding a dashboard in the future about the MINE treasury would be super cool.

Thanks for the feedback.

@blackbird - yes it is possible to reuse a lot of what we are building for other projects in Terra. If it has a smart-contract we can query it and ingest the data :slight_smile:

Also @Woody @ProbeRusher.UST and @blackbird I very much like the ideas about the Treasury statistics / details. I am assuming that the Treasury is either going to be a wallet or smart-contract - either way, if it has a terra address we can consume the data.

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I can imagine an address with a clear view of incoming transactions. Tracing them till the gateway(s) and other pools perhaps is a bit laborious but also a good way to see history of contribution and simulate future flows.
In general with different sources for the incoming capital this should work for all treasuries. Examples: apollo will take capital from lp farming (and fees to the one using zapping …), whitewhale speaks about managing a treasury too. At the end, evaluating a project, the tool could become a must.

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Belle initiative, je soutiens la propostion

Hi Pylon Fam :hugs:

It’s been almost 2 months since the grant vote passed, so I tought it was time for an update to the community. I have been posting releases via Twitter, but in case people are not watching that, I thought an update here was appropriate.

Things that we have delivered so far from the original roadmap:

  • Proper backend and app deployed to Digital Ocean, part of the xmas release
  • Mine staking stats + buyback estimates and biggest mine wallets etc.
  • All gateway pools are tracked on an hourly basis
  • Liquid pool tracking (buys and sells), just released
  • Wallet connect (called “Add your wallet to see info” in the roadmap)
  • Using wallet connect a “My Gateway pools” section.

Additionally, these features have been released that was not part of the original roadmap / ideas (or are almost ready):

  • Nexus Liquid pool arbitrage graph. Ready for more Liquid pools in the future. Released a while ago
  • Pylon Mineral Grade, or staker score, sponsored by Sayve. It is part of their IDO parameters. The scores and nightly updates will be added to Pylonboard. coming soon
  • My airdrops section, to make it easier to see all pending rewards, like the My Gateway pools. still on the drawing board

A large part of the work has been revolving around “downloading transactions and parsing them”. All this download and parsing code will be moved out of Pylonboard and released as a terra-dotnet library, with the hope that other dotnet developers out there, seeking to work with Terra, has an easier start than we did.

This then leaves us with the following things, from the original roadmap, to be completed:

  • LP insights for Terraswap & Astroport (MINE-UST)
  • MINE staking stats, how you stack up
  • Pylon Gateway pool tools

The last one I’m doubting whether it will see life, as we don’t have that many pools launching, however if the community feels strongly about having it, we’ll add it.

Also, the source code has now been made available under the MIT license, you can see it all here:

We’re doing our project planning in JIRA as GitHub just dosen’t cut it, but if anyone has issues, ideas or suggestions please feel free to add them to GitHub! As always people are free to reach out on Telegram, Twitter or the Forum here with suggestions, ideas, bugs etc, or now on GitHub.

Finally, I want to add that I have spent the many past months glued to the screen in the evenings and nights, at cost to my family. So for the coming few weeks I’ll take a mini-hiatus to spend time with my family instead.


Great job. Thank you for helping the community understanding where we are.
I haven’t found much data about the upcoming SDK. Would you know anything about it ?

more than 2 months since the last update.

I saw that you want to create the Diamond DAO but don’t forget the Pylonboard. There are unresolved bugs, 2 buybacks have taken place but the stake amount on Pylonboard does not change, the prices of pending rewards are not updated (Sayve for example). The airdrops page has been “coming soon” for weeks.
The Q1 2022 roadmap is not respected.

In short, I’m not saying that there is no work behind the Pylonboard, but the fact that it is no longer updated, that the roadmap is not respected and that you want to create the Diamond DAO pool. … All this worries me and I have the impression that you are just seeking funding from Pylon and its community without delivering the work promised for this funding.

Hi @HanniMou

Thanks for your post :raised_hands:

This is interesting information, I’m not seeing that problem for my wallets.

Good catch, the prices for that have been hard-coded and not updated after Sayve LP went live

Yes, and that is not good enough on my part, it is still in the works.

It is being updated though, just not with as much pace as last year. This week we rolled out all the newly added GW pools since end March.

Anyway thanks for letting me know about the bugs, I’ll look into those. And that airdrop page will come soon too.

I’m sorry to hear this is the impression you have, as this is not how things are.

Also want to highlight that you can always reach me on telegram or Twitter if you have issues or bugs, that usually results in a shorter turnaround time :blush:

Like I said it’s just an impression. I hope I am wrong and that the future, near future if possible, will prove me wrong.

EDIT : Let’s already see how long it will take for bug fixes and the release of tools scheduled for Q1 2022 to come out.

The Bugfixes are out already.