Fix the Vote % Display Numbers

Polls should display the ratio of yes to no votes, that would add up to 100%
So on this one it should read Yes 99.85% and No 0.15% roughly

This is how every other governance protocol displays the votes and it makes more intuitive sense.

Is this the right place for a UI suggestion like this?

Thank you!

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I think this (current representation) is a right way to show the proportion/ratio of yes/no based on the current voting status. If you sum up those number, you can get the percentage of total voted ratio in comparison to overall staking amount. Can you provide another better examples on other protocols? As far as I know, this is the general way to express the ratio, and I think it is quite neutral way to show the statistics rather than promote a certain side to be chosen.

And furthermore, I am not sure if this post is appropriate to ‘Governance’ section either. It suits more to "general’ since it seems more like to be a personal suggestion on UI. Can you provide the reason how your proposal will improve the governance of Pylon protocol?