[Gateway Proposal] LunaLlamas NFT Lossless Raffle

Project Name and Description:

LunaLlamas is a veteran NFT project in the Terra Landscape, we were inspired by Galactic Punks to make our own collection, the LunaLlamas and we would love to give MINE stakers and UST stakers in Lossless pools the opportunity to join our large community of 8,000+ Twitter followers and 11,000+ members on discord, which makes us one of the largest NFT Projects on Terra.
LunaLlamas has launched 3 collections, 2 on Knowhere and 1 on RandomEarth, which has allowed as many members of the Terra NFT community access to our NFTs. These collections are the original LunaLlamas collection, along with the NationLlamas and ChristmasLlamas collections.

Team Info:

Our team is comprised of an expert international team of 2 graphic designers, a programmer/Game Developer and a marketing/social media expert.

Developmental Stage:

Our project has completed 1 auction and 2 mints, along with a Token ($llama) and a 2D Platformer Video Game both currently in development.

Socials, along with our Medium which details the future of the LunaLlamas project:

Twitter: @LunaLlamasNFT

Lossless NFT Raffle:

We will provide 400 Llama NFTs in total, being divided between 190 NationLlamas, 190 Christmas Llamas along with 20 of the original Llamas.
We propose a 50/50 split of NFTs between the MINE and UST pools.
The pools will be open for 25 weeks, with 8 NFTs dropped in each pool, weekly.

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Seems cool. How far off is the game?

We anticipate the game should be ready for a public beta sometime around Q2 2022 which would be interoperable with all Llama NFTs, so far our team has finalized the game concepts and design.

can we have:

  1. link to Knowhere collections
  2. address of $llama: cannot find by direct search on coin hall

I welcome you in here and hope in the success of your project.

Knowhere Collections:

LunaLlamas: KNOWHERE

NationLlamas: KNOWHERE

The $llama token is still currently in the conceptual phase although airdrops will be completed imminently.

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personally i find ok to add the gateway entry, can increase visibility of your project. I am surprised that of the 10k followers few look to be in pylon as the poll is proceeding slowly. They probably should buy mine, stake, enjoy airdrops and …vote!

Well, unfortunately, it looks like we failed to meet the 10% threshold to pass our proposal, and have lost 10k MINE, if we are able to get more people interested we may try again.

Thanks to the people who voted,
LunaLlamas Team

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I did my part to be honest. I suggest to follow and keep alive the thread. Also to push your community on the social. Actually pylon could give visibility to your project and if you will deliver on the roadmap I cannot doubt in an easy listing both of the NFT raffle and the token itself