[Gateway Proposal] TerraPrints NFT Lossless Raffle

Hello Pylon Community!

TerraPrints is a small but growing art NFT project focused on capturing the various Terra protocols.

Beyond being the first (and only?) generative art project dedicated to capturing the evolution of the Terra ecosystem, we’re also one of the more innovative projects looking to utilize multiple launch mechanisms to distribute our artwork.

So far, we’ve launched 3 sold-out editions of TerraPrints

  • LUNA - 20 on Talis.art (highest-traded piece 50 LUNA)
  • MIR - 30 on Knowhere (secondary listing on RandomEarth)
  • ANC - 100 on RandomEarth (sold out in 19 minutes)

Up next is LOTA followed by MINE.

Naturally, we would LOVE to launch our MINE series via a Lossless Raffle on Pylon Gateway.

Raffle details:

We will provide 50 MINE TerraPrints in total, to be allocated to the UST pools. The intention is for the pools will be open for 50 days, with 1 winner each day (for a total of 50 days).

As you can see, the expected earnings from launching on Pylon will not be much given the short window. That is fine as our primary objective is really to increase awareness, and to make use of Gateway to stay true to our objective of paying tribute to every protocol.

We hope this is something that the community can get behind!

For more information please check out our Twitter: @TerraPrints.NFT

Thanks for involving Pylon in TerraPrints. Cool to see some generative art coming to Terra.

Would you guys be open to allocating some MINE TerraPrints to MINE stakers? This could be done via split lossless raffles like previous NFT projects using Pylon have done?

Hi there Woody!

Thanks for your response! We’re hyper focused on the community and we would love to reward the MINE community if that’s something that MINE stakers would appreciate.

Flexible with the split between MINE stakers and UST stakers if there is a demand for it.

Again, our goal is to really get our art out to as many people as possible in the most interesting of methods. However we would really want to avoid a case where

  1. the proposal fails to pass quorum and we lose our deposit
  2. we provide a pool to MINE stakers and it ends up being taken up by a few whales…

Finding a fair distribution split is something that we’re keen on getting feedback from the community.

Also, any innovative suggestions for what phrases we should use for the seed hash (in the generation of TerraPrints) will be amazing!


1 - I can’t guarantee that your vote would pass, but chatting with our community in telegram might help with engagement.
2 - Unfortunately like most projects Pylon also has its whales, I can’t think of a way around this with the current mechanism we have for distributing to MINE stakers.

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Given the lack of responses we will not be proceeding with Gateway as our launchpad for MINE TerraPrints.

Nonetheless, please keep a lookout on our Twitter for our eventual launch!

Thank you for all your time :slight_smile: