Implementing Ohm-like bonding system (Rented liquidity to protocol-owned liquidity)

Numbers in [ ] are subject to change upon discussion


  1. Might be faster than using treasury yield to build protocol-owned liquidity
  2. Lessen the Mine’s inflationary pressure by reducing rewards towards Mine-UST pool
  3. Once the protocol build Olympus pro style bond system, the protocol can accept other assets to meet the community needs


  1. Lowering emission to Mine-UST pool by [50]%
  2. Redirect the emission to Mine-UST bond purchaser with [2.5]% ~ [10]% discount, which is vested over [30] days. (Converted APR should be slightly higher than the Mine-UST pool APR to incentivize bond purchasers)
  3. Stop bond when protocol-owned liquidity reaches [15]% of market cap
  4. Gradually reduce emission to Mine-UST pool once protocol-owned liquidity have enough liquidity


  1. Deposit into Astroswap pool to earn $Astro rewards (if they give emission to Mine-UST pool)
    1. Using [50]% of $Astro rewards to add Mine-UST liquidity
    2. Distribute [50]% of $Astro rewards to Governance staker (increasing intrinsic value of $Mine)
  2. Accept other assets for bonding to meet treasury strategy in the future