Improve lossless investments

I’m a fan of the lossless investments idea, and like new projects getting a predictable supply of seed money over time, but as a small-time #crypto investor, I’d like to see another option which could deliver more retail investment into Pylon’s pools and help align MINE investors with project launches.

As an investor, one thing I’m looking for is passive income. a 6-18 month lockup is not attractive, and I suspect there will be large dumps when each of these pools unlock, as everyone takes a long-awaited profit.

More of a gradual unlock schedule would be better, and also monthly % unlock. Here’s my idea:

In addition to the existing pools, another pool is created that allows me to commit an amount up to the value of my $MINE gov stake, and receive 10% unlock each month over the next 10 months, including releasing 10% of my $UST and 10% of the project tokens awarded.

This could be done for each investor on the day they decide to invest in this way, so there is a continuous but gradual unlock no one can predict and so schedule a pre-unlock dump.

I can leverage the value of my $MINE stake by using its value (at time of investment) for every project that launches on Pylon–but if I decide to sell my $MINE stake, I have to choose one of the static pools to move my lossless investments to, so goodbye to passive income gradual unlock.

In this way, projects can still get monthly budgeted investment funds, staking $MINE and holding becomes more valuable, and small investors don’t have to risk 6-18 months of idle $UST on a project only to see it dump as soon as they get awarded tokens.


Hi sirsteve,
I see what you’re saying. It could work well but I have a few thoughts as to why it should stay the way it is.
Pylon will attract more projects or projects willing to give out a larger allocation to mine stalkers if they can continue to provide high value for their partnership.
Knowing the long lock up times and how crucial early investment capital is might be what keeps projects teaming up with pylon.
As for a passive investment: an idea could be to postpone receiving passive income for 1 or 2 years(easier said than done, I know)
But the idea would work something like this-
-Deposit into pylon pools of your choice
-wait to receive the tokens from the lock up
-invest those tokens in their respective gov stake
The income generated from staking tokens that pylon “bought” at the floor price would now be your passive income, plus your original UST would be unlocked to “rinse and repeat” or use as you see fit.

If this doesn’t sound like a good plan for your situation, there are other options like the mine/UST pool or putting your UST in anchor earn.
Best of luck to you!

Yeah, my idea was to add a more flexible, smaller pool dependent on the value of my $MINE stake, that would allow smaller fish to get a shorter-term and smaller entry into the investment pools, as well as keeping the existing 6-18 month static pools with higher returns.