InterNFT Lottery Pylon Pool


Introduction: Intern Capital came together almost 5 months ago to create InterNFT, a truly utility driven NFT project. Interns in the collection of 6942 are an expression of how hard interns work in the crypto space, as they build and support protocols tirelessly.

The attributes of these serve not only to provide great visuals but also true utility with future projects we are developing. The core mechanic of this collection is each intern’s “stamina” bar embedded in the metadata of each InterNFT. Interns can be upgraded as they earn XP and Gold using our staking feature, spendable in the in development Item Shop.

Interns don’t stop at staking and upgradeability.

While we can’t reveal all, everyone knows interns need their $RAMEN as they work tirelessly to support the terra ecosystem.

The rollout of InterNFT is as follows:

Phase 1: Initial Mint on 4/14/2022

Phase 2: Staking/Work Vaults (work for that ramen bois)

Phase 3: Item Shop

Phase 4: Further Utility

Development Stage: InterNFT is minting on One Planet on April 14th, 2022.

Mint Price: 69.42 UST

Website: The efforts of Intern Capital can be found here . Whitelisting is also available here.

Link to Twitter:

Lossless NFT Raffle

Proposed Airdrop for Mine Stakers: 15 InterNFT over 3 months, one every 6 days
Proposed Airdrop for UST Stakers: 15 InterNFT over 3 months, one every 6 days

Link to Discord: Intern Capital

do you think that make sense opening a pool for a value of 2k ust?

I dont understand your point. Why are you valuing the NFT at mint price? To me its all about the potential amount of UST deposits this can attract.

We are not valuing the NFT’s at mint price, you have to stake a minimum amount of 10 UST or 100 MINE in order to receive a ticket to be entered in the raffle. So it will be much cheaper to get an InterNFT here should you win one.