Introducing Aqua (built on Terra)

Hey Pylon Community :slight_smile:

We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves, post our medium articles/links and engage with you all. We’re happy to answer any questions, incorporate valuable feedback, and look forward to hearing from you all.

For starters, we’re a DAO dedicated to bringing clean water to every person on the planet. While everything we do at Aqua points back to clean water, we’re also focused on developing an entire suite of fundraising tools and platforms to help nonprofits and NGO’s scale and achieve their missions.

Our team is made up of nonprofit leaders with over 40 years of experience in the field. We all recognize the limitations, stigmas, and shortcomings of the nonprofit sector and believe that what we’re working on at Aqua will flip the charity world upside down. We plan to leverage TeFi and web3 technologies to reimagine fundraising tools, create all new incentive structures, and empower nonprofit leaders to do what they do best… make the world a better place.

To learn more about our team, roadmap, value accrual, tokenomics and more, check out our Medium articles below:

Intro/About the Team:

Value Accrual/Roadmap


Twitter Account:

Again, your feedback and support is critical to our success and we look forward to adding value to the entire Terra Ecosystem and Community.

We have a lot in the works (our first official Aqua + Terra water well will be drilled this weekend - look out for pictures/videos) and we’ve been blown away by the support of the community thus far.

In the coming days, with the addition of your input and feedback, we’ll be posting our proposal to host Pylon Pools via Pylon Gateway.

We’re confident that with your support, we’ll be able to transform communites, save lives, and deliver value to our investors/Aqua community.

We hope this finds you and yours well!



Also, check out our video when you have time: Introducing AQUA - YouTube

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Hi Todd

Is this an evolution out of The Water Dao poll which the community supported earlier in the year?

Correct :slight_smile: A great way to put it. We’re big fans of the DP token model, but we felt in order to achieve our goals, we needed our own CW-20 token. In order to provide gov incentives, LP rewards, create dev and sustainability funds, etc. having our own token, $AQUA, will give us that flexibility :slight_smile:
We’re excited for these next steps and thankful for the opportunity to be working with the Pylon Community!

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Thanks Todd. Well I’m not clear where a charity drilling wells is going to make much in the way of surplus/profits to fund yields however I’m happy to support anyway. Your work is good and also vital for some in our world.

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Appreciate the support :slight_smile: There’s a lot to unpack in our Value Accrual article above. While everything points back to providing clean water, we’re working on much more than that :slight_smile: Excited for all that is ahead.

Thanks Todd. I’ve read the article now. I see a couple of drivers, particularly the opportunities available if you can undercut existing commercial operators. I’m thinking one of your biggest strengths though could be your ability to bridge crypto and ‘normie’ world. I suspect you should be able to find a simple to understand vehicle to allow your many supporter communities to get behind Aqua and drive your crypto architecture without knowing. Sounds good.


Very informative whitepaper.
I am waiting to see the pool proposal.
Some questions:

  • Are you also looking to get some money upfront, like the pylon swap? In that case what would be the price of the aqua token?
  • Reading also your old post I have another doubt: no tge yet. Am I right? When tge would be expected?
  • Will be Aqua stakable immediately?
  • how the value is transferred to the token? I see it as instrument for financing a very nice project but not yet clear to me how it accrues value. Example: a percentage from earning from wells is used to buy aqua in astroport to be redistributed to stakers.
  • how the wells are tracked? Example: nft with coordinate and view on google map plus other features could be nice and open application if fulfills a reasonable nft contract

Thanks brother. We appreciate your feedback and taking the time to check out the articles.

Hey Balckbird! Thanks for the questions :slight_smile:

  1. We have talked to Woojin in regards to applying for the GF1 treasury swap once active. We’re raising (price targets) from a FDV of $10-$15. Roughly 72% of our supply will be circulating at TGE.
  2. We’re aiming to launch late June/early July and in talks with several launchpads (pylon included).
  3. We’re planning to have LP rewards active immediately and discussing how soon Gov staking will be implemented (will be rather quickly as we will have several pre-drafted proposals).
  4. Token buybacks and redistribution. We have a lot to dig through in our value accrual/roadmap medium posts. But yes, revenue will be directed to the treasury/gov stakers, etc. primarily through buybacks.
  5. There’s still some work to be done here. We’re currently looking at some GPS devices and Google Maps. Currently we upload all the raw pics/videos from each project + create well reports with community name, location, population, etc. We’re definitely open to ideas but the end goal being AquaDAO members + the public of course being able to smoky search/view all the projects/work. It’s also important for us to include + consider our non-native crypto folks in all we do. Transparency and simplicity will be at the core of all things Aqua, especially showing the actual work :slight_smile:

Happy to answer any questions :slight_smile: We appreciate you taking the time to read and respond.