Introducing LunArt, a Community Driven NFT Protocol and Artist Launchpad

Real-world Meets Blockchain - Bridging established artists to the growing NFT Space

The LunArt Protocol will provide a launchpad to showcase the talent of real-world and digital artists within the NFT community, whilst continuing to leverage the organic growth already achieved through consistent community engagement and an unwavering commitment to innovation in the NFT space. Combining unique and exclusive artwork, NFT utility and charity.

The LunArt team have been busy cultivating real-world connections and signing on established internationally-acclaimed artists with individual sales of as much as $100,000 for gallery featured art. Their goal is to showcase a diverse pipeline of creators, who are eager to have their works committed to the blockchain and interested in utilising the benefits that can be programmed into their art. Artists have already shared their excitement for the opportunity to grow their international following while accessing a growing number of art collectors, who are willing to pay lavishly for legitimate art on-chain.

Key Features of LunArt Protocol

  • :fire: Gallery-Featured International Artists with individual sales +$100k
  • :fire: The Bakery — First of its kind, NFT Staking
  • :fire: Program Limited Prints — Print directly with our partner, Hybrid
  • :fire: Hire an Artist — Business & Individual Commissioned Art
  • :fire: LP Bonds — Yield Bearing NFT generation using LP Bonds
  • :fire: Refer an Artist — Rewards Program
  • :fire: Interactive Artist Profiles -Community Voting, Feedback & Commentary
  • :fire: $ARTS token with 7 utilities at launch
  • :fire: Curator Club Gallery - Program to Promote previously unknown artists
  • :fire: Metaverse Integration and Partnerships
  • :fire: Programmable Art — Airdrops, VIP Access, Charity support, Royalties

Token Key Details

  • LunArt Token - $ARTS
  • Pylon Gateway: 5% of Tokens assigned, 50,000,000 $ARTS at 0.017 $UST per token
  • Fair Launch
  • LP will be locked into NFT’s adding more value for the art, while creating a floor of tokens that cannot be sold, or removed from liquidity.
  • Proposed launch using Pylon Pools

Key Features of $ARTS

  • NFT Staking
    (NFT + Token = NFT + NFT) Create new art, burn $ARTS using “The Bakery”
  • Revenue Sharing
    Stake $ARTS to share in the protocol sales and royalties
  • Referral Program
    Introduce a new artist to LunArt, if they are listed, you share in the royalties
  • LP NFT Bonds — Locked $ARTS
    Initial $ARTS liquidity will be permanently minted using NFT LP Bonds in the upcoming LunArt Julia Collection — Rug-proof LP!
  • Reward System
    3 Tier access system, hold/stake for early access, increased voting rights, whitelists, airdrops, guaranteed bakery slots
  • Provide Liquidity
    Users will earn $ARTS as a reward for providing liquidity on Loop Dex
  • Buyback & Burn
    Sales, auctions, commissioned works and minting burns $ARTS reducing pressure on the token price
  • Charity Support
    Protocol transactions using $ARTS provide ongoing charity support, with our partner Angel Protocol

Created by Artists, for Artists

By building a platform for the artists, with the art at the forefront and the community positioned in the driver’s seat, LunArt is developing a completely unique user experience from the ground up.

Links & Socials
All of our most up to date social links can be found here, including our Litepaper - LunArt NFT | Linktree


It looks like @LunArt is off to a great start!

26.88% YES and 0% NO. Amazing support so far! :white_check_mark:


Thank you to all of the $MINE stakers who have taken part in our vote so far!

We appreciate you!

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Brilliant support from all the Lunatics so far!

Lets keep the 0% NO!

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What type of pools do you plan to use for your launch?

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6, 12 and 18 month pools

What allocation per pool? Why not choose a liquid pool?
Do you plan to set up something for Mine stakers? Maybe an airdrop or a minimum amount of Mine to be able to access your pools?