Introducing Rango exchange; the first multi-chain dex/bridge aggregator that bring the best UX for web3 users across 30 blockchains

About Rango exchange:
Rango Exchange is the first and the most powerful multi-chain platform for DEX and bridges all around the crypto world, based on reachability and support of top blockchains. It doesn’t matter where the user is and where they want to go; Rango will be able to find the most secure, fast, and easy path for it. We currently support more than 30 blockchains, 25+ bridges/DEXes, and 7 different wallets, with a modern and user-friendly UX in the market.

Unlike most of the other “multi-chain” products in the market, we are not limited to any specific type of blockchain or any specific services. Rango supports most of the top EVM-based, Terra, Cosmos-based, and UTXO blockchains and will soon tame Solana, Near, Polkadot, Ada, etc.
Currently we have more than 50,000 users, +20,000 traders, and +$1,450,000,000 total volume transaction.

At Rango, we believe that Terra will bring decentralization to the masses; therefore, we have launched our token ($Rango) as a CW-20 token on Terra.
We invest many resources to integrate many of Terra’s top protocols into Rango Exchange. Now Rango users are able to:

  1. Swap any tokens from +30 blockchains into Terra blockchain or vice versa
  2. Always trading with the best rates because we have integrated the best Dexes in Terra ( Astorport. Loop finance, Terra swap, and native Luna-UST swap)
  3. Easily bridging Terra’s native tokens into other blockchains or vice versa
  4. Swap tokens with Terra station or Leap wallet
  5. Briding tokens into IBC blockchains ( Osmosis, Secret, Cosmos, Injective)
  • In the coming weeks our users will be able to:
  1. Trade from Solana blockchains into Terra or vice versa
  2. Swap tokens from Terra to native Juno or vice versa
  3. Bridging Terra native tokens into Solana or vice versa
  • Website URL:
  • Link to Social Media Channels:
  • Name of Token + Token Symbol: Rango exchange + $Rango
  • Description + Core Use Cases:
    $RANGO is the token of Rango Exchange. It can be used in the governance of the project as in creating polls and voting, burn and buy-back, gas station, fee discount, and use to (l)earn (Gamification campaigns and marketing stuff).

We’re big fans of the Pylon community and we’d be super excited to work with you. That’s why we’d like to distribute 1.5% of the $Rango total supply in 3 Pylon pools (1,500,000 $Rango).

Here’s what we have in mind concerning the pools breakdown:

  1. Pool 1
  • Token allocation: 100,000 $Rango
  • Vesting period: 6 months
  • $Rango rewards are claimable after 3 months
  1. Pool 2
  • Token allocation: 400,000 $Rango
  • Vesting period: 12 months
  • Rango rewards are claimable after 6 months
  1. Pool 3
  • Token allocation: 1,000,000 $Rango
  • Vesting period: 18 months
  • Rango rewards are claimable after 9 months

If you have any other questions about our product, roadmap, or proposal, please feel free to ask.


The best aggregator and routing system between chains out there! really love it!



Just a question about rango: are you a front end or is the swap aggregation managed through smart contracts owned by rango? if yes in which chain?
About the proposal: i like it a lot. Normally pylon also appreciates the allocation of some of the supply to airdrop the mine stakers (linear airdrop claimable and accumulating for a fixed amount of time. e.g. 6 months) I can imagine a 0,25% of supply reserved for mine stakers but it is up to you. I like the proposal also as it is. If rango is, as u said, opening an LP in terra this will be a great marketing move…
p.s. multiplying by 2 all the numbers in the proposal would be perfect … just my interested opinion as pylon staker.


Fantastic project :fire:
Waiting for Pylon pools launch :muscle::rocket:

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Interesting…i’ll read more and get back!

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Thank you for your interest in launching on Pylon. a multi-chain bridge/dex agggregator is very interesting and i would like to support it.
few questions:

  • transfers between chains are implemented via wrapping? you have mentiened a native swap in your proposal between different chains.
  • the allocaition overall is ok by me, i would suggest a bigger portion to atract more TVL, but it is up to you guys. the allocations ratio between the pools is excellent in my opinion. incentivising locking UST for longer duration.
  • projects launching tend to provide some benefits for pylon stakers wether in the form of airdrop/privilege access. It is not mandatory of course but will help making sure the proposal passes and that the community will support it in the long term. Sayve protocol is an excellecnt example of using the MINE scoring system (“Mineral grade”).

looking forward for your replay, thanks!


As a Rango user, I can only welcome the fact that you go through Pylon!
I will gladly invest in your project thanks to the 18-month pool.
Howewer, as a Mine staker I would have liked to have an advantage over non-stakers, like an airdrop.


Sounds good voted - Yes

Just don’t forget Pylon Stakers! Airdrops would be nice since your going through Pylon as it is.

Some of us don’t have UST spare or already locked up else where and getting on something like this would be awesome.

Don’t forget us!

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Well done on all the work so far, terrific app.

Will there be a Pylon Swap option or simply the Pylon Pool?

Congrats again, looking forward to invest!

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Nice. the best multi-chain platform for DEX


Rango is the best multi-chain platform for DEX in the world.


Thank you for your suggestion, also thank you for your support

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Thank you so much, we will have a simple Pylon pool :raised_hands:

Hi there, first I should thank you for your great suggestions. About your first question: We don’t have our smart contract; we just integrate all the DEXes and bridges; hence users can easily use one UI instead of many UI for their swap.

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Thank you for your suggestions; about your first question, we don’t have our own bridge; hence it depends on other bridges, e.g., Anyswap( Multichain) in some cases, wrapping the token, another example Thorchain gives the native token.

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is this only pools or swaps as well?

Love Rango.

I have just a question regarding the pools.

At an earmarked launch price of $0.20 per $RANGO for a valuation of 20 million, this means that you are allocating
~20k USD to 6-month pool
~80k USD to 12-month pool
~200k USD to 18-month pool

Seems a bit low ?

And some allocation to MINE stakers would have been good,

will support you nevertheless 100%.

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The valuation will be $100,000,000 and the price for IDO will be $1 per $Rango.

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How did you come up with that figure as a valuation?
Is there a revenue stream that directly flows to the token - gas station? If so how much?


Our valuation is calculated based on comparing the RANGO product with other competitors. Also, other competitors have a much higher value compared to our valuation.
Also, based on insights that we have from the product in the future, we will be beyond a DEX and act as an API Provider for other products in the market, which will cause high income and increase the daily volume of transactions.