Introducing The WaterDao. Bringing 50 million people clean drinking water

Hey everyone, we’re very excited to officially introduce ourselves, The WaterDAO, to the Pylon community.

Before anything, I (Todd Sondgroth/founder) want to say it’s almost surreal working towards launching a social impact DAO on Pylon, because it wasn’t too long ago that I was lucky enough to participate in Pylon’s IDO. It’s been great being a part of the community and watching Pylon continue to innovate and generate value for the community.

Our mission is to bring clean drinking water to over 50 million people in the next 10 years.
100% of all yield and donations will be used strictly for the water projects themselves… no salaries, no overhead etc. We do charity different and we’re looking forward to showcasing to the broader crypto market what Pylon/Terra and a motivated DAO can accomplish.

We believe launching as a Social Impact DAO on Pylon will act as a major catalyst as we strive to reach our goal, benefit the Pylon Community/Terra Ecosystem, and provide real life value for DP token holders (more below).

In our 2022 Roadmap below, we outline all the details of our launch including the value ads for DP token holders, costs, partnerships, our team, logistics, upcoming trips, rewards, website (still adding content) and more.

(View our Roadmap here: Introducing The WaterDAO (2022 Roadmap). | by Todd Sondgroth | Feb, 2022 | Medium)

We invite you to ask questions and provide feedback here in the forum.

Again, we’re humbled for this opportunity and ready to work alongside you all to save lives, transform communities, unleash the power of Social Impact DAO’s, and give 50 million people access to clean drinking water.

We hope this finds you and your loved ones well and healthy!

Todd and the WaterDAO team!


What an awesome project to have for launching Pylon Gateway’s Daos. The goal, spirit and idea of WaterDao is something special to the Terra space. Really keen to see this develop over time :grinning:.


Really love the Inspiration and the Purpose of this Project. In order for this project to have complete integrity and be verifiable in terms of the effect and impact The Water Dao has in the countries and areas it does its work in, i would suggest a GPS logged Image & Video Diary wherever the project initiates Water drilling and any activities that take place instead of a well edited and a narrative based Documentary. As it clouds the true purpose and reliability of the data given affirming the credibility of the work being done by the team.

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The poll passed 2 months ago, any update ?

Thanks Woody! We’re excited and ready for these next steps. We want to bring as much value to the whole Terra ecosystem and leverage all of these tools for good :slight_smile:

Absolutely :slight_smile: Of course we take pictures/videos of every project (and upload via Google drive) and we’re just starting to weigh the options for goole maps/GPS monitoring. Once we own our own rigs and have our first base (Zambia) established, we want to have a GPS units on our rigs as well for the community to follow/monitor. Another side note: we’re excited to host teams from all around the world at our bases. We have already finalized some partnerships (can see on our twitter) that will help fund wells, bring teams of volunteers, etc. (all adds to our value accrual). All of us have been in the nonprofit sector for at least 10 years each and we’re all working to leverage pre-existing partnerships/corporate sponsors and bring them over/introduce them to Aqua :slight_smile:

the previous poll was proposed as a DP token. For what we’re trying to accomplish and build, we felt having our own CW-20 token would be best. With $AQUA, we’re able to create Lp rewards, Governance incentives , single staking rewards, community grants, sustainability and development funds, and much more. With the DP/membership model, we wouldn’t be able to achieve that. We’re fans of the DP token model, but to build the incentive structures we feel are necessary to scale rapidly and achieve our goals, we believe it’s essential to have our own token that’ll allow us to build our own economies around :slight_smile:

I read the new Aqua post quickly and didn’t think you were the same project. I was thinking of a competitor since The WaterDAO is not mentioned at all.
Why did you change your name, logo, etc.?

It was around the same time that we we’re creating the WaterDAO that we found a dev team over on Juno (IBC compatible) that was up to build what we envisioned. As talks/work progressed, + some things going on with Juno that we weren’t aligned with + my belief/beginnings in the Terra ecosystem, we knew it was best to migrate to Terra. As far as name/logo, etc. I personally feel it’s better from a marketing standpoint + token name :slight_smile: