Introducing Void Protocol, Bringing Anonymity to the Terra Blockchain

VOID Protocol

Decentralized opt-in financial privacy service built for Terra.


Void Protocol is a mixer-based privacy solution for the Terra blockchain. Our 3-step model (Deposit, Wait/Earn, and Withdraw) allows users to anonymize their funds easily. They will first send funds ($UST or $LUNA) into one of our Void Anonymity Pools (VAP). Within these pools, the funds are mixed with funds of other users. After waiting some time for a sufficient number of other deposits/withdrawals, the user can withdraw into a new wallet, breaking the on-chain link between the two wallets. Void utilizes ZK-snarks (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) to achieve this process in a completely secure and decentralized manner, meaning there is no storage of information which can link the deposit and withdrawal wallets.


Our team consists of our project coordinator, Bitsquid, our design/marketing/admin manager, Cryptic, our three developers, Gungod (lead dev), Fonkey (front-end) and HadesBlade (back-end), and our community manager, Gretskies.


We are finally on the home stretch leading up to launch. Our devs are hard at work integrating back and front-end and working on our airdrop mechanism, as well as a whole lot of finer details. Our Zero-Knowledge library is completed and audited, and can be accessed via the Litepaper link below. We plan to hold our TGE in early May with our MVP launch not far behind.


Our native $VOID token will have a total supply of 100,000,000 and a release schedule of 72 months (6 years).

$VOID’s primary use is to stake in governance. Being a DAO, Void will thrive on community involvement and user input. Stakers will have the ability to vote on important decisions concerning the direction of the protocol.

$VOID stakers will also receive rewards coming from Void platform fees, as well as yield-returns from the Void Anonymity Pools (such as Anchor). On top of that, stakers of >10,000 $VOID will have platform fees waived.

On Pylon, we will have a $UST pool which will pay out 2,500,000 $VOID tokens, or 2.5% of total supply. These tokens will initially be valued at 0.10 $UST, so will have a total value of 250,000 $UST. We have been big fans of Pylon since the beginning and would love for the community to get some lossless $VOID tokens.

Vesting periods will be as follows:

· 6 months (300,000 tokens)
Rewards claimable after 3 months

· 12 months (700,000 tokens)
Rewards claimable after 6 months

· 18 months (1,500,000 tokens)
Rewards claimable after 9 months

We plan to launch our token sale fairly by distributing public sale tokens over three platforms. Pylon’s lossless pools will receive the 2.5m tokens mentioned above and we will launch 8.5m tokens on Atlo Protocol and the remaining 4m tokens on Thorstarter.

There will also be a Genesis Airdrop of equal size to our public sale, which means an additional 3.5m tokens will be dropped to MINE stakers. Other airdrop receivers will be stakers of $LUNA (3.5m), $ANC (3.5m), $ATLO (3.5m) and Galactic Punks (1m).

Void DAO

The $VOID token’s primary function is as a governance token. Holders can stake their $VOID to join the Void DAO, which will earn them the right to vote on important protocol strategies, as well as earn platform rewards and fees.
Governance will be able to vote on many options, things including but not limited to;

  • Size of deposits
  • Anchor Earn/Yield Governance %
  • LP rewards vs Void Anonymity Pool rewards
  • Alternative VAP earn strategies
  • Minimum staked $VOID required to waive fees
  • DAO fund usage

The Void DAO’s main priority will always be to provide a secure and decentralized financial privacy solution to its users. Other goals include, reducing opportunity cost to its users by providing reliable yield returns on capital sitting in the anonymity pools, increasing interoperability and scalability to provide privacy for other platforms and other currencies, and, once Terra & UST have been fully adopted, for the VAPs to be used as hot wallets for every transaction made in real life.

Void currently has an active and invested community, with over 10k Twitter followers and 3k Discord members engaged in meaningful and constructive conversation in order to shape Void Protocol into an innovative, yet stable and secure application.

Further Research


Welcome Void. I’m looking forward to seeing how your protocol delivers - I’ve been literally thinking in the last 24 hours about wanting to use a mixing privacy service for Terra.

Your proposal seem straight forward. I do note though that Pylon is the poor cousin for opportunity in the public sale here compared with competitors Atlo and Thorstarter. What is the reason for this disparity? It jars with your comment about being big fans of Pylon. In addition I think Pylon is comfortably the largest platform of the 3 isn’t it so your goal for a fair token sale is already subverted with Pylon getting only 16.67% of the tokens in the public sale portion.


Hey Dabbler thanks for the question, im glad your onboard with the idea behind Void :slight_smile:

In regards to your question we have done our best to portion each portion of our sale in a way that can benefit everyone who wants to get involved, in saying this we opted for Atlo to be the largest portion of our IDO as the platform is able to cater towards our early community members (Discord Members) with this utility we wanted to give them the opportunity to hold the largest portion of our sale to say thankyou to the early supporters of Void. Thorstarter will be a straight swap with no KYC, this enables anyone who wants to take part the ability to, we believe its important to have a nice chunk of tokens designated to this.

As we will be using the Pylon lossless pool method instead of the gateway fund, in our mind it naturally makes sense to us to have a smaller amount of tokens designated to this as it will essentially be a free investment minus opportunity cost so there will be less risk involved to those taking part. We have essentially used many other projects within the pools on Pylon as bit of a guideline for what we should aim to provide with this avenue.


I appreciate the offer and the airdrop looks the ice on the cake
The only remark is the amount reserved to the pools especially compared with atlo.
Pylon is developing PoL under astroport. I will push to vote to have astro rewards for the void ust pool but i would expect an offer more comparable with atlo (lowering there and increasing here of 0.5-1 mn).


I’m glad you made a proposal on Pylon. I look forward to your launch. You will be a valuable ally for many Lunatics!
That being said, I agree with the opinion of my predecessors. Pylon is awarded a relatively small amount compared to Atlo and Thorstarter.
I wouldn’t talk about these two competitors, I don’t know them well enough.
Regarding Pylon Gateway, if we look at the pools of other projects, we can see that Pylon users have been rather generous, which ensures a comfortable income for these different projects over the duration of their pools.
Perhaps you could reconsider the amount allocated to the different pools to be at least equivalent to Atlo.

Waiting for Void on Pylon :muscle::rocket:

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surprised to see such an allocation in Atlo and Thorstarter and small in Pylon. This is the leading launchpad in Terra by a mile’s lenght.

But I support you and will participate in your pools. Your value proposition is ESSENTIAL. May you succeed. :four_leaf_clover:


According to your last Medium article, it seems that you didn’t change the Pylon’s allocation. It’s up to you but I can’t hide that I’m a little bit disappointed :frowning:

Regarding the airdrop, will it be a one shot or a daily linear release ?

Vesting to long for me. Happily wait for pump and dump then buy to stake. Looking forward to it

Please provide resumes for the team. Please explain why you are anonymous.

We have added a more in depth outlook of our team into our docs :slight_smile:

Feel free to have a look through it and ask anymore questions if you have them.

Hello ser, thanks for your question.

Im sorry that you feel that way :frowning: We have put much thought into this and we can understand how it must look from your perspective. In saying this we are only opting in for the lossless pools and we do feel that our allocation size is on par with many of the other projects who utilize this service.

In regards to the airdrop it will be 1/3rd claimable on TGE and then the rest through a gamified approach which requires a deposit in our anonymity pools, more in depth info can be found in the tokenomics section of our docs.

We have made an update to the pools/vesting, shown as bellow.

  • 6 Months (700 000 Tokens)
    Rewards claimable after 3 months

  • 12 Months (1 800 000 Tokens)
    Rewards claimable after 6 months

(18 month pool has been removed)

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We have removed 18 month pool and redistributed it into the other pools if this helps :wink:

More acceptable, Might consider it now :tada:

More acceptable but still far under than others Launchpads.
I would love to see an airdrop or a 10k Mine staked entry ticket.

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I believe the amount we get 3,5m plus if somebody is giving UST for 6 or 12 months is fair.
When will the POLL start?

It’s a great proposal, both the pools and benefits for MINE stakers are good!