Introducing Willisch Finance. This post is an open discussion so you can know us better

Welcome to Willisch Finance! First ever business build on Terra to introduce world of cryptocurrencies and finance into real world loyalty system!

Before I get into specifics about our project let me give you some background about Willisch. We produce premium hand made ice creams for almost 40 years now. Our business grow exponentially last 5 years and you can buy our products online, one of 40 Willisch ice cream shops or in biggest European retail chains like Lidl, Carrefour (3k+ stores). We are deeply focus on quality and innovation. Willisch is first company in Europe invent technology allowing to deliver ice creams within 48h from order in perfect frozen condition. In 2021 we sold 100 000 ice cream cups just in our online store.

Last year we realised loyalty App called “Lodoappka Willisch” available on iOS and Android. That’s how the idea to create our project started. We love our clients and unlimited possibilities Terra have to offer. That feels like match made in heaven. For years we were trying to reward loyal customers other than collect thousands of points to get free “key ring”. Our mission is creating project that not only reward loyal customers and investors but also educate how to utilise Terra to financial freedom if not generation wealth. But the best part of this idea is that every day we have access to thousands of clients knowing nothing about cryptocurrencies and DeFi.

Ok, so we already have real world company love by millions. We also have loyalty App where customers can earn our utility token by recommending App or buying ice creams. So, now let’s talk about crypto side.

There are 2 tokens in Willisch ecosystem in perfect synergy with each other.
Security token - ICW (Ice Cream Willisch), and utility token - WCOIN (Willisch Coin).

Use case for ICW token:

We plan to open additional 200 stores by 2026, more stores we got more potential investors we can bring into world of crypto. To achieve this goal, we plan to run 2-4 pools per month, each for open one specific store. We plan to run them on and By locking UST tokens for 12 months (estimated period), investors will receive ICW & WCOIN tokens. First WCOIN claim will be available after 1 month. All ICW tokens claim after end of lock period using Willisch Finance. Every ice cream store will have its own ICW token (for example Willisch x Pylon will be ICW1 next store ICW2 etc). Moreover, it is a security token, so all ICW tokens are back up in real world asset - ice creams (for example 1 ICW = 1kg Willisch Ice creams. If investor want to exchange ICW for money, Willisch can always buy them for market value equivalent of kilograms of ice creams it represents, or they can trade it on Willisch Finance). Owning ICW will give investors passive income 5-20% APR (50% pay in WCOIN and 50% in UST).

Investors will get extra loyalty bonus pay in UST - longer you hold more bonus you get (up to 5%). We plan to have extra benefits for ICW investors like lifetime free ice creams in dedicated Ice cream shop they help build, visit in Willisch headquarters, dinner with Robert (Willisch CEO) and much more.

Use case for WCOIN token:

Simply saying more WCOINs you own, more APR you get on your investment in ICW. By scanning QR code on our products, clients will get free WCOIN’s and UST in loyalty App “Lodoappka”. Clients can exchange WCOIN for free products in “Lodoappka” or use it on Willisch Finance to get more rewards. Before tokens can be moved into private wallet they will need to be lock in single or LP staking on our finance platform. That way we provide constant liquidity and help with growth of Willisch ecosystem. Willisch will provide initial liquidity for WCOIN.



  • Loyalty App launch on iOS and Android
  • Willisch Finance website launch with demo version of Finance App
  • Customers can earn WCOIN by scanning QR codes from products using loyalty App

February 2022:

  • Finish tokenomics and white paper
  • Development team start working on Willisch Finance App

March 2022:

  • Finalise all partnership details between Willisch x Pylon and other Terra projects
  • Start process with retail chains to launch Terra ice cream pack

April 2022:

  • WCOIN: Deposit UST to earn WCOIN
  • Finalise artworks and flavours for all Terra ice cream cups

April/May 2022:

  • Willisch Finance App launch including SWAP, UST deposit and LP staking
  • ICW: deposit UST to invest in new ice cream shops (for example Willisch x Pylon) to earn ICW and WCOIN

Summer/Autumn 2022:

  • Terra ice creams collection in retail chains / online
  • Support for learning more about crypto and Terra ecosystem for Willisch customers


  • Opening of “Willisch x Pylon” ice cream shop

Please check summary with additional details in more visual pleasing PDF in link below:

Like we mention on beginning, we also want to educate people about cryptocurrencies and help grow Terra ecosystems. We are currently working on partnerships with other Terra projects to help us with that mission. We want to start with 2 unique ways to collaborate with other projects:

1. Terra Projects ice cream collection:

  • Launch Summer/Autumn 2022 in big European retail chain (around 13 000 cups / campaign)
  • 4-8 custom design Terra projects ice cream cups
  • Clients will get WCOIN + UST + Terra Projects native tokens include in this edition
  • Estimate value of every token around $1 ($5-9 in total tokens value)
  • While claiming tokens we will educate customers about projects and lock them first on Willisch Finance

2. Open dedicated ice cream shops for example “Willisch x Pylon”:

  • Interior design combine both brands
  • Unlimited marketing potential
  • Place to learn about both projects & Terra
  • Start with 3 “Willisch x Pylon” ice cream shops and hope for many more down the road
  • Hundreds of potential investors per day not related to crypto market

We hope most of 200 additional ice cream shops we plan to open will be collaboration with best Terra projects.

Benefits for MINE and WCOIN stakers that participate in WCOIN and ICW pools:

  • Exclusive WCOIN air drops for MINE & WCOIN stakers (estimated 1% WCOIN total supply, more details down the road)
  • MINE & WCOIN stakers will reactive free ice creams in all “Willisch x Pylon” and other Terra projects Ice cream shop (for example Willisch x Anchor)

If you have any ideas how we can improve please feel free to let us know.
We do hope you like our project and we make it great together!

Take Care
Willisch team

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If I understand correctly, you’re asking the Terra community to fund you enough $ so you can open 200 new stores. In return, “investors” get yield earning (less than or equal to Anchor) ice cream, WCOINs which we have to provide as liquidity and stack to get our yield close to Anchor, and some free ice cream if we manage to travel across the globe to one specific shop of yours?

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Can you post the website link?

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Hi Woody, thank you for your comment and I’m happy to answer your questions.

I need to start that core of Willisch ecosystem is loyalty App “Lodoappka”. Our clients when buying Willisch products will receive WCOIN and UST for free. Our client’s will need to provide liquidity to WCOIN/UST pool to earn more rewards. This way we want to provide constant flow of micro and macro investors. This way we want to stabilise and help with growth of WCOIN and whole ecosystem. Same investors can keep extending their position in ice cream token (ICW) or loyalty token (WCOIN) or both.

Going back to your questions.

Yes, we want to ask Terra community to put deposits for create proposed ice cream stores (Willisch x Pylon, Anchor, Luna etc). Those ice cream stores will be live advertisement with unlimited marketing potentials for projects with hundreds of potential investors every day. This is a real-world utility that we believe have great value on its own.

In our strategy we plan to open 200 additional stores by 2026 what can be collaboration with other projects or just Willisch shops

Investors that deposit UST in ice cream shop pools (like Willisch x Pylon) will get 2 rewards and UST deposit back when pool end.
• WCOIN - loyalty token that is appreciating assets with value determine on free market
• ICW - security token that provide passive income just for holding. It is back up in in ice creams (for example 1 ICW = 1 kg of ice creams). If investors don’t want to be part of Willisch ecosystem and want to sell their tokens we are obligate to buy ICW back in equivalent of ice creams market value that it represents.

Investors will receive 5-20% APR holding ICW token (all depend how any WCOIN’s they have) + rewards for single or LP staking WCOIN. If you combine those two you will get much more than 20% APR just as a passive income on tokens not saying about value of tokens on its own.

Additionally, we will boost your APR % for being loyal investor. Simply saying you if you keep your APR on ICW on 20% for a year we will give you extra 1% in UST as a loyalty reward. If you keep it for one more year you will get 2% in UST extra up to maximum of 5% extra UST bonus.

Free ice creams for ICW investors are just added extra value/reward. Please keep in mind we will be strongly promote our project along existing Willisch community and clients so it will be more appealing for some investors that have access to stores more than other far away.

Hope now it make more sense and you can see more value and potential in Willisch.

Hi Blackbird,

Please find links below:

This project just blows my mind. Dunno what to say, just gone through your pitchdeck and I’am pretty impressed.

I think this project has a lot of intrinsic value for the TERRA ecosystem with bringing TERRA to the mass market alongside with existing real-world-products.

Just wondering how comes you are so deeply connected to DEFI and TERRA? Pretty uncommon and refreshing at the same time. Really cool business development - heads up!

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Hi @roomservice

Thank you, we really appreciate your uplifting comment.

Robert (CEO of Willisch) was into crypto since 2018 and that was the moment when idea of loyalty based on crypto token was born. It took a while to evolve in Willisch Finance and project that it is right now.

Terra community in Poland is massive if not one of biggest in whole world. In here everyone is simply fascinated and totally consumed by unlimited potential of Terra ecosystem. We hope Willisch will contribute to make it even bigger.

The idea is interesting. I need too develop some points further.
I would like to see the whitepaper to have clear the tokenomics.
I need to understand also how to formulate properly the model to have the risk of investing rewarded potentially much more than anchor earn for reasonably well pegged UST. Perhaps it is already ok but I need to check some details. An enormous expansion has to provide investors with the chance of a x10 gain imho.
Is the expansion only in Poland?
Where is the production and what is the rate of expansion of prod (not shops)?
Would be the token used for buying an ice cream converted in UST and burnt? If not the inflation would be not sustainable: there could be the rigth to buy 1000 ice creams and the availability of 10 for example.
The raised capital could be diverted in many ways. Would you be available to discuss periodical checks and a kind of escrow on top of the pool(s)? I say this cause it is the first project connected with real world and it requires some additional analysis from all of us.
The model has to be well discussed as can become, if reasonable, a template for similar cases

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Hi @blackbird

Thank you for in deep analysis of our project.

Every single point you touch is the reason why we are still working on white paper. This project when you start getting into it is complicated machine.

From Monday team meeting we are not far away from finishing white paper so hopefully it will answer most of your questions tokenomics and inflation included.

Like you mention this is a real-world business it should give more security than other projects and yes by massive expansion of company we hope price discovery and awareness about us, Terra and crypto will grow as well.

For now, plans are just for Poland but not going to lie we hope this will change thanks to Willisch Finance and we can expand across Europe and one day maybe even beyond.

ICW and WCOIN are working in perfect synergy, but both have different goals. So ICW is for investment in new shops (real world) and capital from WCOIN will be invested in Financial platform. So together they give people more % in rewards and allowed us to grow and improve both real world and crypto side of Willisch.

Will keep you guys inform soonest we have white paper and tokenomics ready. This will clear up many things.

Stay tuned and take care!

We are aware that probability we are first ever business building this kind of project. It is far from easy as it depends on so many factors. This is uncharted territory for us and we are aware we can be wrong sometimes and first version of white paper can contain some flaws. That’s why we are fully transparent with you all and hope that together we can make it a great model with many benefits for everyone.

Big part of our expansions are new stores, but building brand and new products are equally important. We are constantly looking for new partnerships to extend our reach and brand recognition, for example just today we confirmed that Willisch will be part of range in Carrefour chain. Also, today we have new offer in LIDL stores with new flavour without sugar.

Clients that buy our ice creams in Willisch ice cream shops or big chains paying in Fiat will receive WCOIN + UST + potentially other coin (from our crypto partners). This is a great way to suck people into unlimited potential of finance in crypto.

We keep in mind that if we massively increase brand recognition and loyalty App popularity that might have impact on WCOIN inflation.

We have two solutions for that problem:

  1. WCOIN rewards for using loyalty app will have the same model as “Bitcoin halving” and this way gently decrease supply. For example, there will be 20 million WCOINs dedicate as rewards for loyalty app “LodoAppka”. After reaching let’s say 1 million rewards distributed reward amount will be limited etc.

  2. Second option (that we favour more) is to every year set maximum rewards that can be distributed on chain. For example, every year there will be maximum of 1 minion WCOINs dedicated as rewards in loyalty app “LodoAppka”. If pool runs out earlier customers will be able to still collect coins but will be able to claim it in new year form new pool.

We want to also highlight that our loyalty app “LodoAppka” is for now OFF-chain - mainly from security reasons. Every user will have option to move it into Terra Station wallet and it will work like airdrop model.

I do hope this, and many other parts will clear up soonest as realise white paper.

I was harsh with my initial response and I apologise for that :sweat_smile:. There is a lot more information I need to know before making a judgement call, so I very much look forward to your WP.

Until then, here are a few questions/statements I have.

1 - How much will you need to raise to open each shop?
2 - What will happen if you create a pool that doesn’t have enough $ to open a shop?
3 - Will you be using profits from the new shops to support the ICW + WCOIN ecosystems?
4 - How will you store the ice cream you are using to back ICW?
5 - How will the ice cream backing ICW be used/rotated given it is perishable?
6 - Where is the 5-20% yield for the ICW token coming from and how can you guarantee it?
7 - What advantage does ICW have over just keeping UST in Anchor?

I have more questions re: WCOIN but I will wait until you release your WP as much of the necessary information should be there.

Given Terra is now making advancements into the world beyond crypto (go Nationals!), your proposal is very timely and something worth considering. I do wonder though if the marketing aspect you make is better directed to the Pylon and Terra communities and not the people who use your pools. These groups would likely have far greater interest in that. Anyway, just something I was thinking about.

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Hi @Woody, no need to be sorry our team love to be challenge :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, you guys are right, WP will clear up many things and it is not far away.

Back to your questions:

  1. To open new store, we need around $100k. On this moment it is hard to estimate total value lock as it will be closely related to Pylon dee

  2. We have this in mind and already working on solutions. Again, it will be closely related to partnership with Pylon. We can make collection period and if there is not enough interest money will be return to investors.

  3. Yes, we will. We plan allocate 10% profits from shops to buy back ICW tokens from investors and burn them. It will be fully explained in Whitepaper soon.

  4. We have place to store them, but we are using this as security to lock value of token to real world asset price. For example, 1 ICW = 0.1kg Willisch Ice creams. If investor want to exchange ICW for money, Willisch is obligated to buy them for market value equivalent of kilograms of ice creams it represents. Hope this is clearer now.

  5. Answer in number 4 as they ware related

  6. Yield from ICW token will be paid in 50/50% - WCOIN/UST

  • UST from Anchor rewards
  • WCOIN from dedicated rewards pool
  1. As mentioned before, you will get ICW + WCOIN as rewards. Both tokens will have value on them own and then you can allocate them on Willisch Finance to earn passive income that should easy exceed 20% APR. If you join them together, we hope this will be still lucrative for investors.

Yes, some people could use extra rewards more than other. But here we are very open for any suggestions. Instead let’s say free ice creams in Terra ice cream shop investor will be able to choose boost on yields. We are open to any suggestions how to make model more appealing with longevity and loyalty to project.

I think a very good whitepaper (challengable) has to be provided.
As you can imagine it is a complex investment compared with a full digital one. Much more hard to trace and the retrun potential cannot be in my opinion capped at e.g. 20%. A person to invest sustaining such business has to see a POC phase and the possibility of high returns. That is why I want to read carefully the whitepaper, give feedbacks and assess how to monitor all.
We can do it very easily with onchain projects, obviously not so easily with real projects with perishable not easy to trace goods.
One question now which already makes sense is if you have devs with the required competence. Just this has some upfront cost.


Hi @blackbird
Like I mention we are working hard on Whitepaper and that will give you all details you need.
We are close to finish and soonest we release it will let you know.

Just want to give you all quick update.

Yesterday we finish V1 of Whitepaper.
Right now it is edited and translated fallow by artwork layout and we can share it with you all.

We are proud to finally share with you all our Whitepaper. Please let us know what you think and we are happy to answer any questions. Hope you all enjoy reading :blush:

Willisch Finance WP

With your support we hope to start with:

  • 1x WCOIN Pool - Vesting: 6, 12 and 18 months

  • 5-10x “Willisch x Pylon Ice Cream Shop” ICW Pool - estimated vesting 12 months (every pool for one specific ice cream shop)

After enjoying a quick chuckle at the wonderfully fantastical idea of a currency backed by a real ‘asset’ that melts (should you melt rather than burn tokens? :grinning:), I enjoyed reading this paper.

I can see you have put a lot of thought into how to connect the liquidity of crypto capital with building real world business. Making the token an effective call on your production is a good move - low cost fulfillment to you, back up exit opportunity for those who really like your ice cream. Whilst ultimately your proposal will be as good as your ability to maintain and grow your business, it’s exciting to see this sort of practical and inventive thinking to build the bridge.

You appear to have ideas to build value to the tokens into the future. The sharp minds in the forum will help us see if the value stacks up as a Pylon project but, to me, the lossless nature of the Pools suggest it’s at least a worthwhile experiment for Pylon to take up in the goal to build out use for UST. Perhaps your proposal becomes the model for a whole new stream of venture capitalism.

I think the big challenge from a crypto perspective is the additional layers of complexity that don’t exist in crypto. Each store will have its own local challenges, some will fail and for different reasons and token holders may not have transparency on that - but risk and entrepreneurialism do work together.

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I would really like to start conversation about our Whitepaper.

We did spend countless hours trying to make Willisch ecosystem as appeal to investor as we can. We hope it clear up many things about tokenomics and proposed model. Please let us know what you think, what part’s you find interesting and what parts could get better. We are open for any suggestions on how to improve our project beyond what it is right now.

I have to say we did run so many simulations and try to get numbers right to cover at least first 10 years. What do you think about dual tokens and how we reinvest profits from new shops back to investors and ecosystem?

Me and the whole team are really excited about this project as we see great value for long term investors and we plan to work as hard as possible to deliver A+ class project.

Like always take care and hope to hear from you all soon.

Just in case anyone missed it please find Whitepaper below
Willisch Finance WP V1.5

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Please find a quick summary for application including all key facts from our Whitepaper.


  • Vesting: 6, 12 and 18 months.
  • Token Allocation: 6,000,000 $WCOIN (6% of max supply)
  • Estimated Pool launch: April

5-10 ICW Pools for “Willisch x Pylon" Ice Cream Shops:

  • Estimated vesting 12-18 months.
  • Pool will need gather at least 400,000 up to maximum 600,000 UST in period of 2 weeks. If pool doesn’t gather minimum amount all deposits will be returned to investors.
  • Token Allocation per pool (for first 5 pools): 50,000 $ICW & 250,000 $WCOIN.
  • Estimated Pool launch: May

Use of capital raised from WCOIN Pool:

  • Additional UST rewards fund - 18.18%
  • WCOIN “Buy & Burn” fund - 18.18%
  • Development fund - 40.91%
  • Initial liquidity - 22.73%

Benefits for double MINE & WCOIN stakes:

  • Exclusive WCOIN Airdrop: 1% of total WCOIN supply dedicated
  • Free ice creams in “Willisch x Pylon” Ice Cream Shops

"Willisch x Pylon" Ice Cream Shops:

  • We plan to start with 5-10 Pools to help us open new Ice Cream Shops branded “Willisch x Pylon” (every pool for one specific ice cream shop).
  • By having physical shop, we can educate and bring more people to crypto and Terra every day.
  • Open access to hundreds of potential investors per day not related to crypto market.
  • Unlimited marketing potential
  • Profits from “Willisch x Pylon” shop will used for: up to 10% for buys and burns of WCOIN & up to 10% for additional rewards for ICW investors (paid in UST).

Pylon ice cream edition:

  • Great way to get more people not related to crypto interested in Pylon
  • Timeline: Summer / Autumn 2022
  • Around 13k cups per campaign focus on Lidl stores
  • Ice cream cup price: $5-6
  • Clients will get $WCOIN + $UST + $MINE (+ other partnership projects)
  • Value of each token around $1
  • Support with learning about projects, how to claim / transfer and invest tokens

WCOIN Utility:

  • The holding of $WCOIN tokens automatically increases your profits (APR) from $ICW (Ice Cream Willisch) tokens.
  • SAS and LP Staking – this way we stabilise the ecosystem by collecting additional rewards in WCOIN.
  • Swap – swapping for other tokens, including UST stablecoin.
  • $WCOIN + $UST as rewards for purchases from the Willisch ecosystem (ice cream shops, online shop, retail shops).
  • Collecting rewards for $WCOIN tokens in Willisch shops (e.g. ice cream, desserts).
  • Using $WCOIN tokens as payment in the online shop.
  • In the Lodoappka Willisch App and on, Willisch clients will be able to earn from their savings in $UST. An appropriate amount of $WCOIN will entitle the clients to higher rates from their deposits.
  • Willisch is continuously working on the ecosystem’s growth and its further utility.

ICW Utility:

  • $ICW allows for pay out of consistent profits dependent on the investor’s contribution accordingly 5-20% (paid out in $UST and $WCOIN in a 50/50 ratio) + additional earnings from LP and SAS Staking of the $WCOIN token.
  • Ice cream shops to which specific $ICW tokens are assigned will allocate up to 10% of profits for additional rewards for $ICW holders paid out in $UST.
  • With $ICW there’s security that the investor can collect at the Willisch premises or receive an equivalent of in $UST through the Willisch Finance platform (1 ICW = 0.1 kg of ice cream = 1 UST).
  • The $ICW holder can take out loans in $UST amounting to 85% of their guaranteed security. The loan must be repaid within the predetermined period. The loan’s interest rate is up to 5% and is completely intended for the buyback and burns of $WCOIN tokens.
  • Loyalty rebates: after a determined period, when an investor gains access to the full value of the security, their APR rate increases to 30% APR (entirely paid out in $UST or up to 20% in $UST and up to 10% in $WCOIN liable to market conditions).
  • The holders of enough $ICW tokens of a given ice cream shop will be entitled to free ice cream at the shop for as long as they hold the tokens.
  • Additional benefits – the holders of enough $ICW tokens will be entitled to visit the Willisch premises and participate in board meetings.

Additional informations:

  • Price of $WCOIN on Pylon Gateway - 0.095 $UST
  • Starting price of $WCOIN Pool - 0.1 $UST
  • $WCOIN price in ICW Pools - 0.2 $UST (first 5 pools)
  • $WCOIN max supply: 100,000,000
  • Estimated $ICW max supply: 5,000,000