Issues with my MINE LP token + rewards

Hi there y’all !
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I am writing to ask to anyone that has answers / experienced the same situation, to help me understand and figure out what happened with my MINE-LP tokens which seem to not earn interest in MINE token anymore.
Mine LP screenshot 3.04.22

Here is a screenshot of my screen as per date 3rd of April 2022.
I assume the reward period being over (I believe I have staked UST & MINE for 6 months - but not sure at this point) hence why I am not getting anymore MINE tokens as rewards for the liquidity provided.

How can I do to re-stake my LP tokens for another term and earn MINE in return?
Any direct way to do, instead of withdrawing them and re-staking them in the protocol?

Many thanks to whomever will dedicate time to respond.
Deeply Appreciated y’ all :pray:

You need to stake in astroport

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Hi, the locking time (6 month) is only for the gateway pools and not for LP, for LP there is no time limit.

there was a migration to astro pools, you need to unstake your LP from pylon page, then go to terraswap to withdraw the LP into MINE & UST, then go to Astroport dex and provide and stake LP there.

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deeply appreciated @blackbird, many thanks for the reply
I will have a look and remove the liquidity
really appreciate your help!

Deeply thanks for your answer @quasy - now everything is much more clear
I guess pylon won’t be useful anymore due to the migration into astroport, am I right?
Will the protocol still run and can people still provide Liquidity for the other projects?

Thanks again for your time and kind response


You can shift your LP to the Astroport LP and receive double rewards as it’s paying Astro tokens as well. That’s why it was moved there.