LP migration to Astroport

Hello everyone,
This is my first post here, so take it with patience.
I am having LP staked since september and honestly, even If the APR is not covering the loss in MINE price, I am still trying to stay as I feel this project it has a future in the long run. Even so, today I found myself in lacking information on what to do with the LP on PYlon web app. So few informations about what is to happen or actually happing as we speek?
How much we have to wait? there is no timer
Where will i stake my LP again? here on Pylon or I need to withdraw LP (on pylon app it doesn’t let me) on terraswap? then go to Astroport?
Is it ok to do it now when I guess you are doing changes to contract?

I know you people are working hard, but keep us informed…its easy to get scared when money are involved.

Thank you!

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in order to receive both MINE and ASTRO rewards:

I have not tried it myself as I am not farming but this look the best solution as mine rewards are migrated to astroport which also provide astro for mine ust lp stakers.


Glad to be in a community with you, @blackbird. Appreciate your willingness to offer help.


No where near what we were getting before!

I used blackbird’s instructions above and they worked just great! Also, after 6 hours I checked my rewards on Astroport and it looks like I’m getting the same amount that I was previously on the Pylon site at 100%+. So I have no idea what the APR rate means at this point. Plus, I’m getting the Astro rewards.

Are you sure? Looks like about 10% to me.

I checked today, 24 hours later, and I’ve received the same amount of rewards that I had previously received per day, plus the Astro rewards. So I have no idea what the 10% APR means. I cannot complain, because I am getting the same rewards as before.

Yep…seems so for me also.

just to clarify, the APR shown on Astro is incorrect and does not include the extra MINE incentives that you are indeed getting as before (as some of you noticed). The APR is much higer then the 10% shown and is close to the old one.