Luna Bulls to Launch Lossless Raffle Pools on Pylon

Luna Bulls is a sold out apex NFT project that launched on Random Earth on Saturday October 9th 2021. Luna Bulls consist of 10.1k NFT’s - 4.4k Owners and currently have an average sale price of 7.7 LUNA.

Since our launch we have proudly raised over $115,000 for angel protocol a charity based protocol on terra.

Ever expanding & exploring new avenues of interest we are now looking to launch lossless pools on Pylon date to be confirmed & dependant on schedule of Pylon to factor in our proposal and implement.

There are two Pylon Pools, a $UST pool and a $MINE pool. In total, Pylon will be giving out a total of 150 Luna Bulls & 100 Tesseracts.

Tesseracts are a unique NFT project feature never before seen, these will enable the Luna Bull holder to switch between the 2D and 3D version of their NFT via a web application which we are currently integrating into our site.

The following can be considered as “Alpha” - The tesseracts wont just provide an awesome aesthetic change, your 3D enabled Bull will have the “3D Enabled” trait entered into the metadata of the NFT and will be compliant/compatible with upcoming metaverse project/s.

The lossless raffle will be conducted via a time-weighted lottery-based system. Both of these pools are lossless and you can withdraw your $UST deposits or un-stake your $MINE at any time.

Tickets are distributed every second after the “Ticket Counting Start Date” and at a draw time (every 4 days - Duration 400 days for the $UST pool - 200 days for $MINE pool), we will randomly select one winner from all the tickets distributed. After a winner is chosen, tickets are reset back to 0 and the ticket counting starts fresh.

100 Bulls in the $UST pool and 50 in $Mine pool the first 75 winners from $UST pool will receive a tesseract and the first 25 from $MINE pool will also receive a tesseract. The split of tesseracts provided will be 75 in $UST pool and 25 in $MINE.

https://lunabulls dot com
Market place : randomearth
randomearth dot io/collections/terra1trn7mhgc9e2wfkm5mhr65p3eu7a2lc526uwny2
For more information please join our discord -


Owww dam, welcome to Pylon.

Really excited to see Luna Bulls here.

Let the stampede begin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


So cool - I’m pumped!

Super impressed with the Luna Bulls project.

Great to have y’all!


this is great. Welcome.

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Are these new bulls? or are these bulls that Luna Bulls has bought back from the open market and are redistributing them?

We bought them back a while ago specifically for this.

Thank you very much Fren. :slight_smile:

Sadly it is not possible to edit the original post and so I wanted to add in here:

80% of all yield generated from this pool will go to the Luna Bulls Treasury, and 20% will go towards $MINE buybacks.