Lunaverse - Pylon Pools

About Lunaverse:

A virtual world built on Terra Blockchain. Explore stunning, real-life replicated cities, build a property empire, develop and customize it while being rewarded, interact with terra based protocols all in the Lunaverse.

The Lunaverse will consist of NFT buildings which can be purchased, developed and sold. Lunaverse will allow monetization through rewards from owning NFTs, advertising, sponsorship, building redevelopments as well as play to earn.

By integrating our super high resolution, engineering grade spatially accuracy 3D models within Unreal Engine, Lunaverse will leverage technology and IRL, Terra and other blockchain partnerships to create stunning visualisations and user experiences.

We have recently attracted 1892 new users to the Terra ecosystem by being the first Terra project (that we know of) to use non Terra based launchpads. We assume this number to be much higher based on the significant social media traction generated from these third parties but have based this on the number of participants that will be receiving an allocation and require a Terra wallet to do so. | Linktree contains all of our official channels and links.

Basic Metrics:
Token Ticker: $LUV
Blockchain Network: Terra
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000
Initial Token Circulation: 58,400,100
Initial Market Cap: 2,336,004 UST
Pylon Pools Total allocation: 12,500,000 $LUV

Project Overview:

Lunaverse 1.1 - Lunaverse NFT viewer

A 3D web browser solution showcasing the high resolution 3D imagery of San Francisco in its raw form with Lunaverse NFT and IRL building metadata tables. You can view and explore the Lunaverse and plan the building of your empire.

Lunaverse 1.1 will continue to evolve and will also become the portal for building level owners to design their interiors with provided 3D objects or specific furniture and items NFTs, allowing you to customize your space in Lunaverse.

Lunaverse 2.0 - Yield Bearing NFT’s, Interior Designs + Game Play

Will bring the integration of Building NFTs and DeFi which will allow specific building NFT owners to be rewarded. Alternatively, owner’s can mint new NFTs for multi-story buildings and design interiors in an immersive 3D environment.

In addition to the DeFi integration Lunaverse 2.0 will also launch the first iteration of our game, which brings a 3rd person or multiplayer experience where you can walk, drive and fly around the Lunaverse, interacting with Terra protocols, NFTs and partners.

A range of skill based mini games will keep you entertained, the P2E rewards and sporadic prizes at this stage will be distributed by the Lunaverse team for relevant leaderboard participants. This will be a download to play version.

Lunaverse 3.0 - Advanced Gameplay Experiences

Will bring further functionality and integrations for the game side of Lunaverse and will include a logic-based game tailored around the Terra ecosystem. The Lunaverse 3.0 version will have third person and multiplayer modes, be accessible via a web browser on most devices and may feature different cities with different game logic and experiences, automated P2E rewards and in-game purchases. This version also aims to advance interactions with other Terra protocols and partners and potentially cross chain portals to other metaverses.

You will be able to text and voice chat to communicate, create teams for specific challenges or just hang out with your friends. DAO governance will be enabled at this point.

Product Roadmap

Already completed

  • Lunaverse 1.0
  • Lunaverse 1.1

Q1 2022

  • IDO and TGE unlocked tokens are tradeable
  • Lunaverse 1.1 released including Lunaverse NFT viewer & First stage of Lunaverse NFTs released

Q2/4 2022

  • Yield bearing NFTs enabled, Yield bearing NFT holders will begin to receive yield
  • Develop to levels enabled, you can mint new floor level NFTs
  • Customizable interiors enabled, design your own space
  • Dedicated NFT Marketplace, trade natively with Lunaverse
  • Various protocol & IRL partnerships announcements and roll outs
  • CEX listing/s
  • Lunaverse 2.0 Gameplay MVP enabled


  • New cities unlocked


  • DAO Voted new cities
  • Lunaverse 3.0

Token Economy

LUV is the native token for the Lunaverse

Once our dedicated Lunaverse marketplace is live, the LUV token will be used to buy and sell all Lunaverse NFTs.

Sponsorship and Advertising

LUV will be used to pay for sponsorship of events and advertising in the Lunaverse, this will add additional utility to building NFT owners, as some buildings will be more valuable for advertising and for holding events.

P2E economy

LUV will be used to incentivise the P2E economy along with rewarding NFT holders in high engagement areas.

Liquidity staking

In order to provide a liquid market so that LUV can be bought and sold with minimal slippage we will incentivise liquidity providers that stake their LUV token in decentralized exchanges, liquidity providers will be rewarded in LUV for their contributions.

Smart Tokenomics – Buy back and lock

LUV is supported by platform revenue, NFT sales revenue and royalties. A portion of fees, will be used to buy back the token and lock these tokens to our reward pools to be distributed for long term stakers. 30% of Stage 1 NFT sales revenue will be used for our buy back and lock tokenomics, whilst up to 10% of revenue generated from other streams (NFT marketplace, advertising, sponsorships, royalties and transaction fees) will also help fuel this buyback and lock tokenomics model.


LUV will allow holders to propose and vote in on-chain governance proposals to determine future features and parameters of the Lunaverse.

The Team

The Lunaverse team will continue to scale strategically and behind the scenes, non public facing team members, with specializations in financial, compliance and technical roles also support the Lunaverse team. Additional information on the Lunaverse team is available via our litepaper.

Aaron Mcilhagga

Aaron is a high performer with 20+ years experience in business development. Most recently his roles include successful start-up exits and commercial activities with leading geospatial technology companies. NearMap (ASX:NEA), Spookfish (ASX: SFI), EagleView Technologies and Aerometrex (ASX:AMX). Aaron also has a well established business network within the Terra ecosystem and abroad.

Anthony Miceli
Co Founder

Anthony directs Lunaverse operations and his experience and entrepreneurial energy stems from his work in operations, real estate sales, marketing and online start-ups background.

Huw Hillman

Huw is a Marketing Agency Founder who has helped build multiple 7 figure online businesses from scratch over the last 5 years, with vast experience in both implementation and strategic level planning.

Oleg Genin
Technical Director

Oleg has over 20 years technical experience, owns his own development company, manages a global team of developers and also has significant project experience on the terra blockchain.

Matthew Walker
3D Product Manager

Matt has a stellar reputation built from the last 13 years working with the biggest projects, solving the hardest problems and developing the most amazing technical workflows and solutions for 3D visualizations and communication mediums.

Benefits for $MINE stakers:

The $MINE hotel will be gifted to Pylon. A diamond rated Lunaverse San Francisco Building NFT with 13 levels, which can be decked out accordingly when we release our interior design application (in development).

We have also advertised the Pylon brand within our metaverse and believe future collabs will exist promoting other Terra based projects launching on Pylon.

Lunaverse is a very exciting project that will fit very well within the Terra ecosystem. Please expand on the benefits to MINE stakers and how the NFT get distributed ? (Swap, airdrop, LBP, FCFS)

Can you guys please provide more information?

With the current information, it is impossible to vote accordingly.

Here are a few questions I would like to know.

  • How many pools?
  • what type of pools (pool or liquid pool)?
  • the amount of tokens LUV in the pool/s?
  • how long the pool will go for?
  • How else you are raising money?
  • How much you are raising across each platform?
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Hi Woody,

Thanks for your questions.

3 pools - 12 months (1,500,000 $LUV) 18 months (3,500,000 $LUV) and 24 months (7,500,000 $LUV).

We have raised $3.2M via StarTerra (early bird and IDO) and $300K across Trustpad and NFTpad. The Pylon Pools allocation has been set aside before these IDO’s took place.

Many thanks

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Thanks. This would all depend on the value MINE stakers perceive from branding and advertising presence within our metaverse. We have a large social media following and also have a strong focus on bringing in new users from other blockchain communities - which we have already demonstrated this successfully in these early stages.

The building we are gifting is branded THE $MINE HOTEL and as it has 13 levels, each level could be used to represent upcoming projects but this would be at Pylon and the communities discretion…we would just provide the tools (once this functionality is released).

We aren’t proposing any additional NFTs for MINE stakers but would be open to adding them to our minting whitelist as different stages are released.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

Tbh, for a small % of your total supply and low overall $ value in rewards, it makes sense to me to not split the LUV into 3 pools. Given you are already raising most of your capital via other means and it is likely your token will already be trading by the time the pool is created, can I recommend creating a single liquid pool or even using GFI?

If you’re open to these options I am happy to share more about them.

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You’re welcome.

Ideally the pools would launch before we do but yes this is not guaranteed.

We have this allocation remaining to ensure a wider audience in the Terra ecosystem and abroad have an opportunity to take advantage of the Pylon Protocol lossless investment model… if the other launchpads aren’t their preferred option. We also turned down a few other launchpads as we are big fans of Pylon and Woojin.

We prefer the normal pools. Appreciate you’re feedback and happy to remove the 18 months pool and split the allocation there across the 12 and 24 months pools.

For my understanding: would the 24 month pool be a liquid one?

Why is there a preference for normal pools?

I understand that the seeding of liquidity for a liquid pool might be an issue, but curious if this is the issue or not?

From my point of view, the allocation is not high enough to justify a split into 3 pools. Especially when you see the allocation allocated to others plateform, their vesting period and the total supply of LUV.
I think a single 12 month pool or, as Woody suggested, a liquid 24 month pool or using GFI would be more suitable.

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$80m FDV IDO?? That’s amazingly aggressive.

Looks like very little is even being allocated to Pylon and there will be massive inflation.

I’ll vote “Yes” for the free hotel but not a chance I’d put my $ in these pools

Have we had an allocation this low before? 0.6% - and no airdrop, no additional benefit. I don’t like it.

This has also already gone up for a vote so I’m sensing that there is much room for negotiation here either.

Orion was lower (closer to 0.06%). But yes, even 0.6% is still very low.

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I wanted to add, would you be open to working with the Pylon community to develop a means of “community updates” and “benchmark achievement” over time?

Currently, our community is having issues with projects not meeting their defined roadmaps and at point, feeling rather dodgy. The community is exploring ways to potentially allow us to move funds from pools if a project is “not meeting expected standards”. The details of this have not yet been nutted out, but the discussion is taking place here ([Proposal] Allow withdrawals from Pylon Pools from projects that don’t provide meaningful updates or progress).

I am interested of having this project in pylon. I think that the token allocation is too little and you would raise a lot with a big token allocation when the token is already trading. My suggestion is really to look nexus DP. Being UST locked 24 month will have a decent yield giving anyway a way out to the partecipant through the DP token. The underlying token (LUV) can be claimed by block avoiding sudden dumps at the end of vesting periods.
You can make a calculation of the return of nexus pool compared to the amount allocated. Especially in a bear market you would have some protection.

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. We may have jumped the gun putting the proposal up but the logic behind this was so we could hopefully get the pools up after governance and before listing. If the proposal doesn’t pass the allocation will go to our treasury.

We like to be responsive but have lots of tasks on the go, hoping to drop some alpha in the next couple of weeks that should be well received by the entire ecosystem. In regard to roadmaps, we’re ahead of projections for certain components and will update our community at relevant time frames. If other projects are behind, we’d imagine they have good reasons, sure they will turn it around and the less pressure means they can focus on building IOO.

If timing allows we will look into the liquid pool but won’t make any guarantees at this stage. Our understanding is the proposal was whether the community would like us available on Pylon, we can’t change the allocation amount or incentives and whether users want to deposit into such pools (or not) is entirely their decision to do so. We are are a long term project so we trust everyone will have opportunities to buy off the market when the time is right for them.

ofc I am happy to have a pool too.
The idea was to present a good solution for all the stakeholders: pylon gov, you and pool partecipant.
The gov proposal can pass but doesn’t include the way you want to go. To keep our DAO approach consistent would be nice to have also the concrete proposal to be voted. You can write here the one you have in mind: I am no more sure if it is the first I have read or you are planning some changes…

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I agree. In the state it is impossible for me to vote since I do not know which solution is chosen.

Terra Finder
Interesting that some one with 100k Luna staked with TWD would vote no with 26mil tokens

Must feel threatened by Lunaverse

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When a single person has almost the power to ruin the application of a competing project. This is decentralization! :rofl:

This wallet is the second biggest Mine staker and we can see on ApeBoard that he is more than a fan of TerraWorld.

Sry Lunaverse but it looks like it’s done for you :man_shrugging:

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