Make tickets Opt-in

Let’s just keep this simple.

It makes more sense to me for the new ticket system for the NFT give-aways to be opt-in. It’s great to be automatically rewarding holders - but makes more sense to reward the people who are active in the space. Think of similarities like in the gaming space - xbox games with gold or PlayStation plus, epic games etc. - those aren’t just handed to every account, you have to opt-in to grab the free games. I’m sure there are other examples out there.

Keeps people active and engaging in the eco-system, at least a little.

Any other thoughts on this?


The fact that someone has purchases Mine tokens is skin in the game. Let’s not put more conditions for rewards for their risk. Time is not something that everyone has the luxury of.

Isn’t the opt in either staking your Mine for the period or depositing UST?

How would this additional engagement of another opt-in step add value?

I love the idea of having people more involved, but I feel opt-in is an extra step that will cause unnecessary friction. There will always be levels of involvement ppl are willing to commit, I think governance is actually a great way to draw individuals to their threshold of involvement without excluding those who at points are less active.

I think this is a great idea. It’s pointless to let people who buy-and-disappear win rewards. You don’t end up with the positive engagement that the prize provider expects and then you’re active users feel cheated because they never win.


Another option here is to make the prizes opt-in. So if someone doesn’t claim their prize within 7 days, another winner is drawn from the stack. I do agree we need to incentivise engagement with the protocol.

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I love the idea, the people who opt-in wouldn’t have their ticket chances diluted as much