Make voting in parallel possible

Not sure why I can’t use my gov-staked $MINE to vote in various governance initiatives, as is possible in $MIR/$ANC, etc.

If I vote in one poll, the next one shows 0 available. This means that participation is suppressed for polls that are arranged downpage, which seems non-constructive to governance health.


Weird, I was able to vote on both using same tokens.

Yes sirsteve had the same issue.

Here’s what I’m seeing trying to vote for 2nd governance poll:

Seeing the same here thing here, I can’t vote across different polls with the same stack.

Recently voted on an earlier prop (liquid pools) with my full stack and am now unable to vote on the latest poll (astro port).

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Good pick up. Think it is definitely worth changing. Hopefully this doesn’t impact the Astroport vote too much.

seems like they’ve locked up your tokens to 1 voting poll, hence you can’t vote on others

Just updating.

Team said parallel voting is supposed to be possible. Devs have been informed of the issue.


I have the same issue, i voted, but now cannot use the same tokens to vote on the other proposal. I bought some extra Mine after my vote, and those I can use on the new proposal. Seems like there is some bug that locks these tokens after voting, perhaps this also influences staking rewards as I am having an issue with that also.

Spoke with the team, the issue should be fixed. Let us know if you still have issues.

Happy voting :grin:

I can see this fix helped, I can vote not with the full MINE amount i have staked