Meet Glow, an ecosystem of innovative dApps leveraging programmable DeFi yields

We are incredibly excited to propose the creation of Pylon Pools for Glow in the Pylon Gateway.

What’s Glow?

Glow ( is an open ecosystem of innovative consumer dApps leveraging programmable DeFi yields. Our overarching goal is to onboard the next billion users into crypto and make $UST the currency of the internet.

The first set of products to be available on the Glow Ecosystem are:

  • Glow Lotto: a prize-linked savings account, boasting a no-loss weekly lottery where you earn 5% annual interest on your savings plus the opportunity to win the jackpot. Glow Lotto has been already audited by Oak Security and will be launched very soon. More info at
  • Glow Creators: a decentralized application that enables creators to build their own social token-based community, without taking money away from their fans. Glow Creators is social money, adopting a no-loss principle for all stakeholders. Launch in Q1 2022.
  • and more new community-developed dApps coming in 2022.

To accelerate the launch of new products in the Glow ecosystem we are also building the Glow SDK, with natively built-in crypto-to-crypto and fiat-onramps, which will enable community members to create new mainstream-ready products 10x faster.

The $GLOW token will play a central role in the Glow ecosystem, effectively governing the protocol. Moreover, it accrues revenue to stakers and token holders with every dApp built using the Glow SDK. Long-term stakers and active governance participants will also unlock social money airdrops and the opportunity to participate in Terra’s token creator economy from a privileged position.

We are currently a team of 7 (and growing fast!), with several years of experience building crypto protocols, fintech B2C apps and social marketing tools. To accelerate our growth, we have raised a $2M Buidlers Round, from key founders, creators and strategists in the Terra ecosystem and beyond.

To learn more about Glow, you can check the following links:

Glow and Pylon Gateway

We love the Pylon community and the alignment of our missions is clear. We have recently announced our partnership with the Pylon core team, which will bring great benefits to both $MINE, $GLOW and their communities. You can read more about it here ( The proposed Glow Pylon pools and Pylon Airdrops reinforce this long-term alignment of vision and incentives.

We plan to distribute 25M $GLOW (2.5% of the total supply) in 3 Pylon pools. This is our proposed pool breakdown:

  1. Pool 1
  • Token allocation: 3M $GLOW
  • Vesting period: 6 months
  • Glow rewards claimable after 3 months
  1. Pool 2
  • Token allocation: 7M $GLOW
  • Vesting period: 12 months
  • Glow rewards claimable after 6 months
  1. Pool 3
  • Token allocation: 15M $GLOW
  • Vesting period: 18 months
  • Glow rewards claimable after 9 months

Moreover, to further benefit the Pylon community and $MINE stakers, we propose a Pylon Airdrop of 10M $GLOW, which represents 1% of the total supply, to be distributed to long-term MINE stakers over the 18 months of the duration of Pool 3.

We cannot think of better long-term partners than the Pylon community to accomplish our ambitious mission. Let’s bring crypto and $UST to the next billion users together!

If you have any further questions about our products, team, roadmap, or proposal, please feel free to ask.


Another project turning to pools with no proposal to any swap ido for mine stakers … personal view, not interested in airdrops …,
This is absolute neglect from glow field on what pylon community thinks if I am right …

Need the community from telegram/twitter to engage here…

Very disappointed that yet again, pools being used instead of swap, no requirement to stake MINE to participate. Airdrops aren’t enough to give the value to mine stakers that we were promised.

Adjustment required:
1.Give a minimum $MINE staked to participate in pools

  1. Give allocation to $MINE stakers through pylon swap.

@Cryptocavalier @rockygce

I udnerrstand your thoughts herre but it’s not like we as a community can force a project in terms of what they think the best way to raise funding is - sure pylon swap might be good for us as retail cos we get an easy 5x or a 13x from the projects, but that’s not something that all projects want to give up from a fundraising perspective - it’s a lot more in line with long term incentive alignment and sustainability (in terms of yields being distributed over the long run) - and the pools themselves are a core feature of pylon and it’s pretty attractive (for both projects and fundraising teams)

so i’m still in support of how they want to do their raise at the end of the day and you shouldn’t be so aggressive lol


This is one of the core value props of Pylon is Pools so I’m confused why the only two responses are bashing this proposal. It’s a great way to raise funds.

Would it be possible to…

  1. Make these liquid pylon pools similar to Nexus’s pools. The difference is that the tokens would need to be staked to accrue tokens in a vault that is claimable once the vesting period is hit.
  2. Do a swap with half of the proposed airdrop supply where $MINE stakers get an allocation with a minimum stake and a maximum cap on the allocation size for whales.

I think the problem here is that these are features that $MINE would have to build, I get that you probably want to kick off your raise and not have to have Pylon build anything so these are just suggestions.


@larocintheworld or the liquidi pylon pools it’s only possible if the tokens are live though right? so if htey’re gonna raise before they actually launch their tokens, I don’t think thats possible

@4rest @laine_ust

  1. Make these liquid pylon pools similar to Nexus’s pools. The difference is that the tokens would need to be staked to accrue tokens in a vault that is claimable once the vesting period is hit.

So for Nexus as the example… imagine $PSI hadn’t launched yet and you are participating in the liquid pool. You have bPsiDP-24m which is staked on Pylon. While it’s staked you accrue $PSI rewards which are subject to the unlock and the vesting schedule of the token. If you want out, you unstake, your rewards remain and you can sell your token.

As for the backing liquidity pool

I believe that the token must indeed be live in order to create a backing liquidity pool to carry out the swaps.
it would just be $UST and the project would probably have to forfeit x% of their anchor yield to make the pools liquid.

Hi Glow and welcome aboard,

I like the overall aspects of what you are proposing, but as some have already hinted at, I also believe that some form of $MINE staking requirement to enter the pools would be appropriate.

as for @larocintheworld and Liquid pools. I believe that the token must indeed be live in order to create a backing liquidity pool to carry out the swaps.


@larocintheworld @laine_ust mabye it might be possible if there is a ust - dp token pair instead of a project token - dp token pair, but in sofar as it’s a project token - dp token pairr (Psi - bPsiDP-24m) then the project token ahas t obe live

@aesmonty do u have any intenitino of launching liquid pyonl pools once ur token goes live?

Pylon pools are key for the pylon protocol … no one is denying it … but after all the discussion had, if we still allow projects to use our protocol just for pools, the projects coming later will do the same.
We need strong governance to say no to bring swap or similar ido to pylon core …

We need to raise our opinions even if it ends up losing few projects … end of the day we need the protocol to become stronger with addition of swap and others along with pools…


Time will tell what will come of it, it promises to be worthy of attention

yeah but just because u think it’ll make a quick buck doesn’t mean that we should make all laucnehs into pylon swap

pylon pools are integral for the ecosystem as well so stop complaning that or saying that swap > pool

cuz from the projects point of view that mimght be the other way around and for use as well pools are lossless

I think good pratice should be projects allocating part of their tokens for the swap and rest for pools. Pools are better for the to create sustainable cashflow and swap would be a benefit for the Pylon supporters and community. We can discuss more balanced vesting periods so people looking for a quick dump won’t have it easy, hence it would incetivise long-term thinkers to invest. Additional benefit is that we would scare away some low quality projects because with longer vesting periods people tend to look more into fundamentals and are more cricital in their investing. In bull market there is abundance of money, but it won’t be like that forever.


welcome Glow Yield!
Would love to see Glow Creators!!

To the others: @rockygce @Cryptocavalier

I understand your frustration but don’t understand the hostility towards a project that’s launching here

Behave maturely please.

Project teams do not owe you anything.


Hi everybody! Thank you for all your responses, it’s impressive to see a community so engaged in governance discussions!

As far as I know, you can only launch liquid pools when your token is live, as some of you have already said @larocintheworld @4rest @laine_ust. Having said that, we believe Liquid Pools are a super cool idea! We hope to launch Glow soon and we’d be totally down to explore Liquid Pools in the future.

Regarding the requirement of having a minimum $MINE staked to participate in the pools cc @Cryptocavalier @laine_ust, what would be a sensible threshold in your opinion? What about 5k $MINE? We want the pools to be accessible and democratic for anyone in the Pylon community.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


First of all welcome. I am pleased to see so many good projects showing up.
Personally I am convinced that the gateway approach is a very good one to raise money for a project.

I was reading your tokenomics: I miss the emission breakdown year by year. Can you add an overview on the supply at the end of year 1, year 2 and so on?

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Hi, thanks for the proposal to our community.

Yes, I like 5K $Mine as a minimum entry point for the pools. This should be the minimum standard for all pools moving forward. This is overall a very small amount to hold at today’s prices.

It seems you may not be interested in doing a swap. I have a alternative thought that may interest you, in terms of rewarding $Mine stakers. What about a 4th pool, just for $Mine stakers of 10k or more? This pool would have favourable terms of 1 month cliff and 6 months vesting. That is almost like a swap - basically like a lossless swap. I’m not sure how that fits in to your tokenomics but I can tell you such a pool would be extremely popular and also create a lot of loyalty in the Pylon community to your brand.

I think all the discussion here can be summed up in one quote from Do: protocols that make their users rich, get loyal customer. So it’s up to Glow

Some don’t understand the point … no use to explain … better if you leave me to give my opinion and you do yours …

Hi Glow,

Thanks a heap for choosing Pylon and coming to the community to chat about your launch. I am really excited to see the development of the Glow X Pylon relationship.

Unfortunately, your launch has come at a bit of a rough time. The Pylon community is going through some growing pains and is trying to find a way to create a win/win for projects launching on Pylon via Pylon Pools and $Mine stakers.

I would strongly recommend reading this post (Pylon gateway suggestions - #10 by Woody) and to consider Treasury Swaps instead of creating $Mine staking requirements for Pylon Pool entry. Having a read of what you have said, the approach in the link would better meet the wants/needs you have outlined in this thread.

I know there has been some push here to have $Mine staking requirements, but I believe people don’t fully understand the usefulness of Treasury Swaps yet. It would actually be super cool to have Glow as one of the first projects to utilise Pylon’s Treasury Swaps.

Let us know what you think @aesmonty?

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