$MINE intrinsic value

Grateful if anyone solid in the community can provide a plain explanation for how $MINE would actually have intrinsic value over time. I get that Pylon will be the launchpad and funding platform for Terra projects, but I don’t understand how that - if successful - gives increasing intrinsic value to $MINE over time.


I’d love to know the answer too. Anyone dare to eli5?

My bet is that when all $MINE is distributed, they would switch from UST to MINE for deposits into new projects. This would cause a pressure on $MINE price and it would go quite high in the future.

Maybe also MINE would be paired with all new tokens introduces on pylon platform. That would also put price into pressure since there would be new LPs and stuff like that.

If this is not the case I do not have an idea how they can keep current price. Since most of the people would dump their $MINE as soon as rewards are unlocked pushing price to 0.