On Acquiring More Protocols

In light of @limowooj’s proposal for Pylon to acquire Glow Yield (which I personally think is a brilliant way to diversify Pylon product offerings), one other thought came to mind:

> Are there any other projects or teams building on Terra that would be in our interests as the greater Pylon community to additionally acquire?

On my end, a couple of projects come to mind:

Atlo Protocol is trying to do a bastardized version of Pylon/StarTerra in their own way, though their token itself only has a $1.5M market cap (at the time of writing). Though they’re basically copycats of Pylon and have poor quality projects that have launched on their platform, they seem to be making regular development progress. Not sure if that’s the best project to acquire tbh, but it could be interesting to see what collaborations they could do if they were to build some of their features directly on Pylon Gateway (with proper incentive alignment with MINE tokens).

Sayve seems like to be rolling out “learn to earn” features that build on Pylon SDK; should they just be integrated directly with MINE instead of having their own token launched out there?

Kinetic also seems to be building on Anchor yields similar to Pylon.

If only those bunch of protocols could just build and extend the value of the MINE token, MINE would be a lot more supported. The reason I think Glow Creators (or Pylon Creators) is going to be BULLISH is because it attracts a larger demographic of non-DeFi mainstream retail consumers (since these are literally going to be some of the top influencers on Pylon Creators) to build hype back up for MINE

Just dropping some food for thought…


In my opinion, the major benefit of the acquisition was the growth in team size. So beyond that, for me, there would need to be a major secondary benefit in acquiring more projects.

With the recent grant for Mineral Grade and already developed contracts by Pylon, I don’t see much need to acquire Alto, as we will pretty much have everything they do and then some.

Sayve and Kinetic could potentially work, but again I don’t see the need for it atm.

Gotcha ya that seems fair