Option for Pylon Swaps: "Staking Tiers" to Create Demand for the $Mine Token

What do people think about creating staking tiers with corresponding pool weights for Pylon Swap, in order to create strong demand for the $Mine token?

As an example, the launchpad Seedify is using the Tiered Staking with Pool Weights model with terrific success, their token price has risen from $0.10 to $7.00++ over the past 8 months with this model. Here is a link: https://launchpad.seedify.fund/

Based on the Seedify model, I created a simply 9 tier staking tier model for Pylon Swaps so that everyone can visualize it: https://twitter.com/BetterCio/status/1454626462451916805?s=20.

Note: The calibration of the Pool Weights shown here creates an incentive for community members to prefer the 50k $mine and 250k $mine staking levels.

Note: This model probably doesn’t work very well under a high $mine inflation regime. To see the $mine price go up dramatically, we’d should slash inflation rate and force new entrants to bid for access to the scarce supply of IDOs by buying scarce $mine tokens from the open market & staking. This model is all about scarcity. The early set of stakers can be rewarded handsomely, both in securing access to IDOS, and in seeing the $mine price rise dramatically.