Orion Claim Rewards Not Working

About 15 minutes ago I went to Orion on Pylon Gateway to claim rewards. The button was active and I had approx. 20+ coins to collect.

I pushed the button and inputed my password. To my surprise I was awarded 0.2124 Orion.

The 20+ coins disappeared from the Accumulated Rewards box and the counter started over.

Can someone please explain to me what happened to the awarded coins? This is my first time claiming rewards on Pylon Gateway and I have other projects I have invested in.

Same problem, i claimed rewards on Orion.
I should received 17.4 orion and i got 0.174 (1%)
The counter started to 0.
The others pool (Twd, Loop, Mine) are ok.
I don’t know what to do. I didn’t found an email adress for contact a support

I think we will have to be patient and give the Pylon Team a few days to get this resolved. It’s annoying but I have confidence that we will be made whole with our Orion coins.

The problem seems to be resolved, I could retrieve the rewards amount flawlessly. Good job on the swift fixes, team!

Still not resolved on my end. The original 20+ coins I was attempting to claim are still gone.

Checked my Terra Station Wallet - Nothing
Checked Orion on Pylon Gateway - Nothing


Yes, I didn’t recovered too the Orions token.
Is there a support team for our problem ?

The team is working on airdropping the missing token claims to all affected users.

Any updates on the issue? No response from the support either, though reminding them yesterday…

No rewards no informations
Is it possible to leave these pool ?

The lack of actual feedback neither here, nor to my emails is what strikes me the most.

Probably they are working to fix it even at this very moment, but this is not an excuse for keeping us in the dark.

Check your Terra Station wallet! The missing Orion tokens just showed up.

Thanks Pylon Team


the problem is solved and can be verified here:



That’s ok for me
i received 17 orions, that was the rignt amount

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Solved for me as well!

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I have read onions :smiley: