Orion protocol "Lossless pool" sitting at 8%

I go to do a random check/collect on Orion pool today. Since inception the pool % has been dropping drastically. With it now sitting at 8% im very frustrated that my UST is locked for an entire year. We should be allowed to pull our UST out after something this drastic occurs.

I disagree. 12 vesting period was and is the term in participating in the pool. Locking up those funds is a major part of Pylons business model. From my point of view, I really like the lockup period, because it prevents people from aping into the pools for short term gains. Instead it’s a way to provide long term support for a project with a chance of high yield on your principal.

Please consider that even if Orion token goes to zero or Anchor protocol lowers their yield or even prevents further deposits, you will get your UST back after vesting period. The APR is related to the token market price and deposits in the pool. You can’t change the amount of UST in the pool but you can always decide to keep Orion tokens for now and maybe sell later if value goes up again while realizing a higher APR for your personal stake.

On top of that MINE stakeholder would be very frustrated if you or any1 else could withdraw funds because a portion of the pools yield is redirected to MINE staker. So this would decrease their yield.

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Here the case is very simple: you are paying the fixed amount of orion tokens of the pool with the ust interests. If orion will double your return will adjust accordingly: I doubt other people will join the pool now. So to me the current return is really a minimum in the projected % reward and probably, if you are an early joiner, what you have already accrued is higher than that.
Try to have a look. it is not so bad and was clearly not a very speculative pool.