[Proposal] "Above-the-Fold" links to the Pylon Gateway on app.pylon.money and pylon.money

The Pylon Gateway is the single most compelling part of Pylon, but it is a bit buried designwise.

I suggest that links to the Gateway are more prominent and require no scrolling. Hiding the best is one way to do it… but is it the best way :yin_yang: ?

On the other hand, it is now kind of a stealth-launch/hidden-gem kinda thing :wink:


Completely agree. When I first visited Pylon I often got lost between the app and gateway, until I found those links below the fold.

A large, obvious menu like Mirror or Anchor would make navigation much more intuitive.

I’m not sure if it’s intentional but the app and gateway look and feel like two completely separate websites. I think unifying them would help the overall brand.


Interesting, had the same thing here. Took me quite a while to find Pylon gateway. Was quite confused until then.

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