[Proposal] Auto staking for pool rewards

I haven’t seen this on the Terra ecosystem, but I did see this on a Cosmos ecosystem early investment round (a well known DEX) and in the Polygon ecosystem (MATIC) for a well known player. These were rounds with 4 year vesting, one year lockup, and governance staking was included in the deal terms from the moment gov staking rewards became available in the network.

If you’d like to see an example live right now, check out the Agoric (Cosmos ecosystem) sale on Coinlist: https://coinlist.co/agoric#sale-options

  • two options at 0.8 and 0.6 per token, with 6 or 12 month lockups and 12 month release schedules
  • locked tokens can be staked and staking rewards are not subject to a lockup
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so glad you brought it up! was just talking about it this morning and not just with pylon pools but in most of the new projects coming out or IDO with long vesting , i stopped investing in such projects looking for 2018-2019 projects with a more mature tokenomics. so yes i am very for it! the question is if the projects will allow it and how doable is it technically :slight_smile:

i think this will be a very strong point for pylon pools as well! manta network will allow for example for locked tokens to be staked… so it is possible and doable now that i think about it :slight_smile:

a bit off topic but connected is that in the crypto space the dominant aspect looked at is marketcap and not fully diluted, so 3% out the project does 50-100x and after a month most people gets burned!

let’s hope this will be accepted and implemented, thanks!

from the day of TGE is should be like this actually, the fact most people are unaware of it cost them a lot of money. also it is done by a few projects :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing. Seems like I might be living under a rock then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, interesting to see others doing this.

I feel it isn’t something we are in a position to really do with already established pools, but for all future pools I guess when they post here in the forum we can ask the project to do it. What do you think?

Yeah - we can’t require existing pools to do this, but we could suggest it, as a gesture to the community which have been early supporters of their protocols. It definitely would be appreciated, especially for the pools which lock token rewards for 6+ months.

And for future pools, we can definitely encourage it, even if we can’t require them to do so.

I understand your point about the “fairness” of this implementation. Problem is for long locking period and pools, Pylon users are losing compared to a short locking and next moving to a stacking pool for more reward % (this is especially true for high inflationary coins).

Moreover, people stacking for long period of time usually believe in the project they are participating in. So it would be a great point to reward them by compounding the rewards.

Imo, the implementation of this stacking rewards for pools >1 year is a good idea.

I like the idea of >1 year to further benefit the ones that probably believe in the project.

But again we as a community can only ask\negotiate with project launching, to inforce it for every project is still a bad choice IMO.