[Proposal] Increase transparency on Pylon governance - Dashboard

Before start, I would appreciate the founders of Pylon protocol for deciding to be progressive on governance. I think this movement can be a jail-break event for them, so that they can be free from the psychological/physical burden for every big decision. :slight_smile:

Since there is no “materialized” governance system in Pylon yet (but planned to be), please consider this as a provisional proposal for future system to promote Pylon governance and also to prevent further intervention of domestic/international regulation.

It would be beneficial to announce in real-time (or regularly (ex. each quarter)) on a Dashboard on app.pylon.money site (or separate webpage on pylon.money) which shows

  • Status of $MINE distribution: we have a solid picture on docs.pylon.money about the final token distribution status, so it would be great (and critical) to see how far we have reached. If we can monitor it, we would be able to build truly decentralized protocol by ourselves. If we cannot monitor it, we would not be able to control it.

  • Status of influence on yield source protocols: As of now, Pylon protocol is heavily dependent on Anchor protocol, which is a quite decent one. (And we are trying to diversify it beyond the Anchor.) So it is critical to have some influential power on the governance of those yield source, so that we can protect our protocol from undesired change on the source protocol, no matter what result would happen. (This can be run by Pylon treasury or community fund, etc., I guess.)

  • Status of UST deposit on gateway: It might be more appropriate to be shown on the gateway.pylon.money, but I think it is okay to put the same on the pylon dashboard. $MINE stakeholder can see how much funds has been deposited and how they are distributed to each protocol. This will allow the $MINE holder to see the growth of Pylon protocol as well as which new project is getting the most interest or popularity in a launchpad.

  • Currently progressing/executing governance proposals

I know there are more work/tasks to be dealt with, and the founders are suffered from lack of resource, but I also believe that $MINE stakers are very patient and considerate of those efforts. :smiley:

Please add more opinions or comments on this post, so that we can build better protocol by ourselves.

P.S. It would be nice if the link at pylon.money for Pylon Medium can be updated to the new one. Currently, the link is redirected to the old one (under Terra Medium.)

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