[Proposal] Membership Tiers & Pool Weights for Pylon Swap to Increase $Mine Token Demand

What do people in the community think about the idea of using Membership Tiers and Pool Weights to increase $Mine Token demand for Pylon Swaps?

For example on Seedify’s launch-pad, they have proven out a model with 9 membership tiers and corresponding pool weights for accessing scarce IDO allocations, their model is working effectively, and the $SFUND token price has risen from $0.10 to $7.50+ over the past 8 months as proof.

Here is a first-cut at a Membership Tier and Pool Weight model for Pylon Swap:

You will note the way the membership tiers are setup creates an incentive or bias towards community members accumulating and staking either 50k $mine or 250k $mine as these levels give best value in pool weight.

There are probably gigabrains who could design the tier incentive levels better, but we know that Seedify’s model is working and thus mimicking what they’ve created through their community experience can likely be a safe path for Pylon and save our community a lot of time. Time is definitely a luxury we don’t have with so many IDOs stacked up in Terra ecosystem.

Note: We wouldn’t accomplish a dramatic increase in $mine token price like Seedify achieved unless we also slashed emissions rate on the $mine token. Perhaps the emissions rate could go down to, say, 3-5% per year? Since I don’t know where the threshold is to get the tokenomics working properly, with demand growing faster than supply, my bias would be to totally slash the emissions as low as we can go.

Scarcity of supply of $mine in a world where everyone wants access to IDOs is the tokenomics model that we need to setup conditions for $mine price to moon!

If we would adopt this model, all early $mine stakers would benefit greatly, both in terms of guaranteed access to IDOs, and also with a steadily growing $mine token price too!

It is also quite a fair model, because it is open access, it is first-come and first-served, and it rewards loyalty within the community!


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