Publishing Project via Plyon

Hi all,

I’m very new to the crypto world so please forgive my noob approach.
I’ve been learning about pylon through the documentation and the problem(s) that pylon is trying to solve, I was curious if it would work for a project I’ve wanted to start for some time.

Now, I’m not familiar with designing for tokens in mind, however the potential for crowdfunding was the main attraction for me.

I’m looking to fund a project that will create a payroll for crypto enthusiasts and writers who can aggregate educational crypto-related content, guides/walkthroughs and news. The goal being to reduce friction and barrier of entry for newcomers (wide audience) who aren’t familiar with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs etc.

Investors would receive something similar to a newsletter, newspaper or a magazine on a subscription.

Plyon’s description of the possibilities make it seem like this could be funded via the gateway, however from my understanding, token issuance seems to be a requirement and so such a project would have to be built with that in mind.

I’m hoping to get some clarity from the community here on if/how such a project could be put forward with Plyon.

Looking forward to learning from your responses.
Thank you,

You don’t necessarily need tokens.
And If you aren’t interested in designing a good tokenomics for the said project, I believe you can wait until pylon SDK comes out. It’ll allow you to take the crowd-funding approach to enable a subscription-based model.
Depositors would be putting in money for weekly or monthly contents and useful guidelines, or even insightful reports.


Have you ever heard of Loop Finance. Your idea sounds very similar to their project which is already deployed. I do mean similar and not actually the same. Their token is offered in the Pylon Gateway

Thanks @perfectlegato and @Nolapowa, I appreciate your responses.

I hadn’t heard of Loop Finance and learning more about it will help me understand better how it encourages community growth.

I’m not familiar with project specific tokenomics so I’ll need to catch up on that as well, it certainly seems to be a necessity. I’ll get to giving myself a crash course and would appreciate any other pointers from you folks here. I’m sure there’ll be others trailing me looking to study the space to help catalyze it’s growth.