Purpose of "Depositor Incentives" 40% of total token supply?

So 40% of the entire token supply of $Mine, 4 Billion is included in the category

Depositor Incentives : 4,000M (40%) tokens are linearly released to be used for depositor incentives and to reward ecosystem participation over a period of 4 years.

It feels like with all the discussion about tokenomics (changing airdrops) and treasury the elephant in the room are these tokens. The purpose of these tokens was never really clear that I could find.

1 Billion is supposed to unlock each year for 4 years. Has this unlocked for the 1st billion? Has anything been done with these tokens? Is there a plan for these tokens? Does it still make sense to allocate 40% of token supply to this?


Really good topic to raise.

I think you’re correct that it is the elephant in the room. If the team was to start a massive ‘depositor incentive’ program then the inflation from that might eclipse that of LP rewards and airdrops.

That said, I feel the team understand the communities concern around current token emissions and with that I hope they’re less likely to execute any depositor incentive programs soon.

I always assumed they were there to incentivise no-crypto native people to use Pylons subscription payment tools when they roll out.

Personally I ok with the token amount for incentives (given my assumptions are correct). I think if we want to take ‘lossless subscriptions’ mainstream then a big reward program will be helpful. That said, I would want to see far more use for MINE established before this.

Maybe it is worth seeing if we can get some communication from the team about how they see these tokens being used?


i asked also this as I think needs to be clarified.
Pesonally in my mine price estimation I always make a variant in which there is a max_supply reduction by 30% (burning?).