Pylon Council apply within

Reaching out to see whos interested in becoming part of the Pylon Council, if you belive you would be a great fit, please apply, this will strive to help projects onboard, Pylon Pools, Pylon Swaps/scout etc.


While it is great to set up a council to help with governance, I think it’s equally important to go through the council member selection process. How do we define their qualifications? and How much power would they have?


I agree with you, there must be a definition for pwer and qualification.

For the first stage i would suggest:

  • active member in the telgram group the forum or the discord in time, this will make sure the participants will be up do date and active in the community.
  • to use the council as a link between the community and pylon team. council will reduce the suggestion amount made by the community and to redirect the chosen ones to the team while having an active communication with the team, this will further inhance the communication link and will add trust to the protocol

I cant think of any feasoble qualification that can be given beside the active community members, in my opinion the council should somehow be chosen by the community, or at least give the community & the team power over them to prevent centralisation and bad behavior.


Thanks for posting, the council will be vital to get Pylon to where it needs to be.

I agree that we need some parameters for council member selection + expectations. These are my thoughts.

council member selection

  • We start by looking to onboard 3 to 8 community members of the council and look to adjust if necessary.
  • People nominate themselves if interested.
  • For individuals nominating themselves they can put together a brief summary of what they can bring to the council, why they’re a good fit, and where they see Pylon going.
  • We see community feedback, and if that person thinks enough people will vote them in then they create a governance proposal to add themselves to the council.


  • Meet once a fortnight with team/projects.
  • Help work towards goals of team/community.
  • Assist in decentralised governance development.
  • Help communicate the wants of the community to the team/project.
  • Help communicate the wants of the team/project to the community.
  • Stay reasonably active in Pylon forum/tg/discord.
  • And the obvious; don’t be an asshole.

Ultimately, I think it will be good to leave the Pylon team with the power to remove any community council members if necessary.

What do you guys think?


I belive just having an ongoin chat to discuss will be more effective then say weekly/fortnightly meet ups, due to the fact i belive less would be done to onboard projects to launch, though ofcourse it wouldnt require daily, though belive it to be a better requirement stated from the begining then having it restricted to selected dates. As so far a big issue for projects looking to launch their token is communication, an open chat with council members brainstorming to be more effective then weekly/fortnightly meet ups, while also having projects being able to easily reach out to the council.


Agree with Shaun that is doesnt have to be so beauracratic. Just a groupchat of active members to bridge between the devs and the community. Few names from the TG group comes to mind - most of which have responded to this thread. I wouldn’t mind joining as well!

Also I like the TFL model of centralization and slowly decentralize from there. I think in this case, setting up a ‘council’ of key community members is definitely on the path to decentralization. Baby steps. We can’t get there in a day, but its process and this is a welcoming step.


If the council is setup as asynchronous discussion via TG or Signal I’d be delighted to contribute.

If the council is setup w/ regular scheduled calls I’m afraid I wouldn’t have bandwidth.

The time I am giving to this project so far is in free moments of the day, but all 2nd priority to an 80 hour per week startup ramp day job, thus the asynchronous comms on Pylon Forum works well for me.

It would be fun to all meet in person at some point!


Hi, I would be keen to join Pylon as a contributor in Dao… Thanks in advance.
You can reach me :-
Email :-
Discord :- derby.eth#9589
Twitter:- @derby.eth

May I ask why you think we need to leave the delisting power to Pylon team?
I think it is more reasonable to put that a vote on governance system.

And it should be also considered how the members will be paid in case of the work load becomes higher than initial expectation.

Is it still possible to join? I messaged you directly but had no reply.
I am spending so much time in pylon and thinking about ideas for it that could make sense to try.

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whats the process for jioning?