Pylon Gateway let's users continue transactions with insufficient funds, leading to fee spending and failed transaction - Help please returning funds

The solution would be for instance automatically subtracting the fee costs from the user “max” input in the UI…

Another possibility is just to impede the transaction from attempting if the [fee amount + staking amount ] is larger than the funds available…

Either way, it is not correct to charge UST fees from users like this.

Can someone from Pylon comment on this, please? Maybe help and return the fees?


It’s known issue, most of the videos on YT regarding deposits to the pool warns about that. Even though I was aware of this I also encoutered this once, since made a mistate substracting fees from my wallet balance :(.

They are probably not able to give back this fee …

First time trading on Pylon and ran into the same issue - failed transaction with fees charged… :frowning:

A couple suggestions to Pylon,

  • Use a predefined margin to adjust the order for price changes to make sure it goes through?

  • Stop the transaction if insufficient fund detected?

Will the Pylon team care enough to provide an answer and get the issue resolved? Can’t see a reason to stick around if not.