Pylon Swap Improvement

With recent launch of $PSI and $VKR many members of the community were disappointed. So here’s my simple solution for future projects.

Let’s imagine Project Saina wants to swap 1,000,000 $SAIN tokens through Pylon. It will be divided in to 4 potential pools.

Pool 1. Long term stakers.
250,000 $SAIN will allocated for wallet which staked certain amount of $MINE for more than a month.

Pool 2. KYC
250,000 $SAIN for people who completed KYC and other requirements by the Project Saina team.

Pool 3. All the other stakers.
250,000 $SAIN for people who are staking at least 1000 $MINE. Separate from pool 1.

Pool 4. This one is up to our imagination.
Pylon team can try new things through this pool. Whitelist lottery, $LUNA stakers whatever.

This way we will not hurt members who are under different situations.

Thanks for reading this far.