Removing the undelegation period

About 1 month ago, the Pylon community passed a vote to implement an undelegation period of 14 days. Since then, Pylon has largely pivoted from Pylon Swaps towards Pylon Funds, Membership DAOs and more. A large benefit of the undelegation period was to reduce people’s ability to game Pylon Swaps. Given the pivot from Pylon Swaps it seems unnecessary, even detrimental to have an undelegation period.

$Mine’s utility is now mainly governance. An undelegation period means governance members who disagree with the direction of governance and wish to leave Pylon are forced to “stay” for a period of time. Moreover, Pylon’s governance mechanisms already require locking $Mine to vote, making additional undelegation periods unnecessary.

For these reasons I believe we should remove the undelegation period.

Two additional points to consider.

  • Pylon Swaps will continue to be available for launching projects, thus may periodically happen. To mitigate the gaming of these we could recommend that for Pylon Swaps, a snapshot of $Mine stakers is taken before the forum post by the project, whereby using the snapshot to calculate the Pylon Swap allocation.

  • For concerns about people gaming the voting mechanism by buying large amounts of $Mine, staking it, significantly impacting the vote then unstaking and selling $Mine, we could implement a non-voting period for $Mine staking. This could be 30 days. So for the first 30 days of staking $Mine those $Mine will not contribute to any votes made.


Let’s make it happen

I see your point but not remove it from the completely but reduce it to 3-5 day. I also don’t feel it is that important, so I’m neutral about it… Let’s see if more people feels the same and maybe have different perspectives. Also mine staking is not purely governance, but also the airdrops for mine stakers. Cheers👍

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