So we no longer receive

So we no longer receive $MINE airdrops and it goes back into a treasury or something?

Yes… few people are driving the governance into treasury idea…
so not sure where this is going to end … I think it’s going to be hard time for mine holders…

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Give folk an inch and they then wanna take a mile lol…This imo not in the best interest for the little stakers: best believe that lol

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My first consideration is that following the forum and the governance poll is becoming very important.
I recall here the poll (already voted)

Note that currently is under votation the following

Now: how are mine airdrops working? The various pylon pools, gateway, swap, liquid pool, redirect a part of the interest on deposits to the related project and a part to a pylon wallet. This is used to buyback mine in the ust-mine pool: these are the mine normally airdropped weekly.
So UST normally used for setting up the airdrop are currently temporary collected, are accruing interest and are under mine stakers control by governance. Nothing has disappeared: simply the community is trying to make work this good amount of UST the best possible way.
The main consideration in setting up a treasury is having a far better capital allocation, by investing part of the ust in governance decided actions like for example acquiring some core coins in the terra ecosystem, starting collaborations, owning a part of the MINE-UST liquidity pools.
My opinion is that everything is handled very transparently and I am quite sure that the stakers will benefit vastly.
Imperative is partecipating and stress eventual weaknesses in the decisions ideally already during the discussion phase.


You cannot unstake mine either. Manipulation running rampant