Staking rewards Pylon follow up

Hello folks,

I know the staking rewards have been a topic already but I am still a bit confused. Maybe someone can help me out or point me to the poll or paper where I can educate myself.

So I put some Mine into staking about 2 month ago and it did autocompound once. after that it stopped and instead i started recieving rewards in form of TWD, VALK and PSI.

My MINE havn’t increased since. Anyone know what happened?

Hi, There is a governance decision to be executed:

in the meantime the distribution of the staking rewards for MINE staker is halted. rewards are still accumlating.

The airdrops are another benefit you have, same as nft lottery for example. It’s unrelated to the staking rewards.

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Thanks for the feedback,

cant find anything about the halt and when the rewards will resume.

Also, anyone knows what the treasury shall be managed?

The rewards will resume when the governce vote will be executed. no specifiec time.
The treasury will be governed and managed by the pylon community. all tx\decisions\movments from the treasury must be voted on by the governance.

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