Staking rewards Pylon

Hi fellow Pylon stakers, I was wondering of others have the same issue as me.

I have been staking Mine since about 2 months, at the start i would see my amount increase slowly, but after my second buy and deposit to staking, the amount is no longer going up from staking rewards. From what I noticed this started after my second part stake, by adding more Mine to my stake.

I think i read more people on Twitter saying this. Few days ago i bought more Mine and added again, but this also did not chance the fact.

Hope someone can give some info on this

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Not sure what specific issue you’re facing but the staking rewards seems to work for me – MINE buybacks are given per week… and there are airdrops distributed linearly that are claimable on Pylon Webapp

Thanks for the reply, but I think the amount was not going up due to voting, about 2 days ago i noticed it did go up a bit my staking totals, so this thread can be ignored

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Hi Guys
I have a question, i was staking MINE and i got 3 tokens claimable right now, and i don’t know what to do, should i keep those tokens or claim? I’m sorry if is silly question but i’m new and i need some guidance.
Thank you

you can just let them sit there and accure more and more. You can claim them anytime, see them as your interest paid in different crypto that you can claim anytime. Claiming will it reset to 0 and start accurring again. so its up to you if you claim daily, weekly or just let it sit for months lets say

Thank you for your reply Haka, i going to hold them, and what is best option to play with those tokens in the future? should i staking them or sell them or what is the best option is ?
Thank you

It all depends on your strategy, I am staking MINE, collecting rewards about 1 x per 2-3 weeks, and then staking PSI VKR and TWD on their site, as my strategy is multi year. few years ago i started with day trading, too much stress and panic selling, now i just claim the rewards, put them away and get more and I will see in 1-4 years which crypto is alive, how much their worth.

please do only play with money you can miss and whatever I say i NOT financial advise, just what i personally do

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Thanks Haka, im new in crypto but before i was too day trader on forex and i do know how much stress is, so i going to listen your advice just to try how it goes, thank you i appreciate it.

Is the APR determined by the buybacks rather than a direct issuance? For example, my staked amount has not changed in weeks, despite there being currently a 28% APR.

I used to see the number increase regularly, but now it hasn’t moved. I do see the airdrops, but I believe those are separate from the automatically restaked Pylon rewards, correct?

All correct
The following has been voted by majority. It has to be implemented and buybacks plus correxpondent airdrop will restart. My expectation is that, MINE airdropped will be less but the value of MINE will grow a lot because of better capital allocation and protocol growth.

Thank you for this…Let your money work for you harder is the goal…Again thank you bc Im just letting them rewards sit in a wallet instead of working for me lol

I hope we start getting other rewards in different protocols…Imo I think Terra/Luna want to give this rodeo to someone else to handle: (airdrops) while they focused on more robust things in Terra/Luna. Just my cents and the reason Do Kwon had that emergency meeting on twitter for pylon…Do Kwon had to show pylon the bigger picture…

Either way Pylon is def headed in the right direction now

I would simply made a nebula index which is tracking exactly the pylon staker airdrop. So we just claim that index and we ‘extract’ from it the token we want to keep. I expect, with GFI, even 20 different token airdropped to mine stakers.