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Dear Pylon community, My name is Peter, I am part of the Suspended Soul DAO core team.

I am in charge of looking for options for the launch of our token on the market.

I leave the initial descriptions below, and of course, I am at your service if you have any doubts or questions.

These are our main sites:
Marketplace https:// suspendedsoul. com/
Token launch landing:

You will find some discrepancies, especially in the launchpad to use, these themes will be adjusted as we define where we will go.

You can also find me on Discord, Telegram, Twitter
or Linkedin as @pvurda

I hope you like it :slight_smile:


*** Project Name + Token Ticker:**

Suspended Soul DAO - $SXD Ethereum Contract: 0x6217d1098b687b2090741d62263ecb0e4b9b3160

*** Short Description of Project:**

Suspended Soul DAO is a decentralized worldwide NFT marketplace and SOULx token is it’s entrance to it. By acquiring SOULx, the holders will be able to make decisions on the platform and create a tailor-made experience for themselves.

*** Team Composition:**

Peter: Linkedin@pvurda
He leads the company’s strategy to achieve its short, medium and long term plans, placing his attention on the broad and detailed strategic decisions that will add value to its token holders, investors, collectors and artists.
He was chainevents. io’s director, the first Southamerican company dedicated to Blockchain. io prediction, and since 2020 he is Suspended Soul’s Co-Founder, a project where he pours all his expertise and vision into concrete action. He has a very clear goal: serve and add value to the community.

Nacho: Linkedin@nachoalthabe
He’s Suspended Soul’s CTO, and has been on the project since the beginning stages as the senior developer, being responsible for its architecture and core development. Nacho has worked in the creative coding field all his life, and entered the blockchain in 2016 by doing the first tokenization of physical art for Andy Warhol’s piece “14 Small Electric Chairs”.

Quinto: Twitter@Quinto_ssoul
As Suspended Soul’s co-founder, Quinto focuses on moving forward step by step leading his team to make the project grow phase by phase. With his capacity to clearly visualize future scenarios and bring them into fruition, he’s all about long term and outwitting issues that may come up with skill, creativity, patience and drive, always reminding his core team about the heart and soul of the project, which remains intact: power in the hands of the community.

Claire: Creative Director
Claire is a young and prolific image & sound designer, advertising creative, and crypto artist. She’s Suspended Soul’s creative director, as well as co-founder and creative director of Perra, a boutique advertising agency.
She leads the team of designers, creative copywriters, social media planners and community managers working side by side at Suspended Soul since its beginning stages with a clear conceptual vision, sparking the light to make this big machinery work everyday and move forward into its next stages.

Jos / Twitter@justlatpl : Chief Curator
Jos is a digital artist and art curator who started his journey in the NFT community as a digital creator in October 2020. His works about surreal scenarios & dystopian imagery are already in the hands of prestigious collectors from all over the world.
He’s Suspended Soul’s chief curator and his focus lies upon the pursuit of artistic excellence with the goal of amplifying new creators’ voices in the community. He brings to life the conceptual ideas behind every collection, while also crafting the broadly acclaimed Suspended Soul‘s curatorial reviews which add value to the experience for both artists and collectors.

This project is solely relying on its seed investors’ capital funds, which are the co-founders themselves. There are no external backers, investors nor advisors working with Suspended Soul at the moment.

*** Current Development Stage of the Project:**

The marketplace has been online for 11 months. +120 successful auctions.

*** Website URL:**

https:// suspendedsoul. com/

*** Whitepaper URL:**

https:// soulx.suspendedsoul. com/

*** Link to Social Media Channels:**
https:// twitter. com/suspendedsoul_
https:// www.instagram. com/suspendedsoul_
https:// discord. gg/S9WWfypPms


*** Name of Token + Token Symbol:**


*** Description + Core Use Cases:**

    • SuspendedSoul. com’s community governance
    • The community treasury administration at the hands of Suspended Soul DAO
    • The development of a strong virtual economy (Token virtual economy)
    • Whatever the DAO decides.

*** Anticipated Allocation on Pylon Gateway:**

Number of tokens allocated: 23500000,00
Token pricing: Initial 0.01
Offer size in UST:
Minimum expected result: 235,000.00 UST
Expected maximum result: 2350000.00 UST
Percentage of total: 10%
Initial supply 23500000,00

*** Fair Launch? (Y/N)**

Pylon Gateway

  • Proposed Method of Launch: Pool
  • Proposed Benefits to MINE stakers: Happy to discuss it. We want to hear from those who know.
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One more awsome project!
Congrats on having such idea!
Linear airdrops for Mine stakers please! :sparkling_heart:

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