Terra Dragons Family to Launch Lossless Raffle Pools on Pylon

About Terra Dragons Family:

We are 5000 Animated, 3D, Realistic dragons on Terra! Our project focuses on high-quality 3D Art and animation. Gen-1 dragons will breed free Gen-2 Baby Dragons! Owning one of these high-quality Animated dragons would put you in DragonsDAO, and a vote into its Metaverse future! You could be riding your dragons to travel around the Lunaverse World, and using them to earn real money in a P2E Metaverse game! Join us for an exciting Dragons Journey together!

More specific details of our Roadmap:
:star: Building our 5000 Dragons Gallery:

We will seek to build our very own Dragons Gallery on our own official website, where all 5000 Animated, 3D, Realistic Dragons can be seen and filtered by traits.

:star: DragonsDAO:

DragonsDAO will enable all our dragon family members to vote on all future decisions and initiatives of the Terra Dragons Family, including its Metaverse future! The more TerraDragon NFTs you hold, the more votes you will have.

We have already whitelisted ourselves to purchase the Lunar Assistant Premium Feature, which will enable us to conduct weighted-voting.

There will also be a Family Wallet that belongs to all our dragon members, in proportion to the number of NFTs held by each member. 50% of all secondary sales royalties will go into our Family Wallet, and all our dragon members will get to vote on how they want the funds to be spent.


All Gen-1 dragons will BREED FREE GEN-2 BABY DRAGONS through a Special Dragon Egg Hatching Event! These Special Gen-2 Baby Dragons will be born at random, giving all Gen-1 dragon members an equal chance to receive a rare Baby Dragon. There will only ever be two generations of Dragons!

Holding Gen-2 Baby Dragons will also increase your voting power in DragonsDAO, and increase your portions of ownership in our Family Wallet.

Both the Dragon Egg and Gen-2 Baby Dragons will be able to be traded on secondary markets as well.

(Timeline: Dragon Egg: ~1 week after mint; Gen-2 Baby Dragon: ~a few weeks after breeding Dragon Egg!)

:star: Marketing, Family Initiatives, Utilities:

Besides holding the power to vote on Family Initiatives, all dragon members will also have exclusive access to ongoing Family events.

We will also continue our marketing for Terra Dragons Family after Minting, and explore even greater Utilities together as a Family.

If the team decides to launch other new 3D, Realistic collections in the future, our dragon family members will also definitely receive privileged access to those collections :slightly_smiling_face:

:bulb: Riding your Dragons in the Lunaverse World:

We are already in talks with Lunaverse about the possibility of riding our dragons as a means of transport around the Lunaverse World, and it is certainly possible, and very exciting!

:bulb: Building a TerraDragons Play-to-Earn METAVERSE:

We will explore the boundless opportunities of the future together with our DragonsDAO community, and Building a TerraDragons Play-to-Earn METAVERSE would be very exciting! We will decide on this together after hearing the proposals and votes from our community!

We are minting on 16th Jan, on RandomEarth

We plan to offer 100 Dragon NFTs for $UST stakers and 50 Dragon NFTs for $MINE stakers. Every 4 days, each pool will distribute 1 Dragon NFT.

This brings the duration of the $UST pool to be 400 days, and duration of $MINE pool to be 200 days.

Official Links:
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/terradragons
Official Discord: Terra Dragons Family


Sounds cool! I support this :)))

Cool idea, excited to see how minting goes. Good luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: