Terra Movie Club Lossless NFT Raffle Pools on Pylon

Project Name: Terra Movie club
Story of Project:
Corn Ok-nim from rural cornfield fulfills his childhood dream of becoming a high-end popcorn by joing a movie theater. However, unlike a glamorous dream, the COVID-19 swept shut the movie theater.
“I cannot sit and rot like this!!” said Ok-nim. Ok-nim carefully planned out a great escape.
A letter with a mysterious ‘U’ seal arrived at Ok-nim right before the left the closed theater. The first paragraph of the letter stated “Dear Ok-nim, YOU ARE NOT A CORN…”

Description of Project:
Terra Movie Club is 2,118 randomly generated Ok-Nim NFTs for those LUNAtics and movie enthusiasts. Ok-nim was confronted with a magical pot during a great escape. Ok-nim took a leap of faith into the pot and became Du-Du. Du-Du is not only a cute faithful companion of Ok-nim, but also acts as Ok-nim to share great benefit in our ecosystem. Ok-nim is just a small first step of the metaverse we plan to build together.

Terra Movie Club has been actively collaborating with other Terra based NFT communities like Derby Stars, Terra Unicorns, Levana Dargaon, Dystop AI, Terra Dragon Family, and Terra Monkey Business, and looking to further develop our collaboration for greater values.

Since our launch, we have been expanding our interest and goals to fufill the needs of our holders and now we are looking to dive into launching lossless pools on Pylon.

  • Current Development Stage of the Project: Post Mint
  • Website URL: terramovieclub dot com
  • Discord: TMC Discord
  • RandomEarth: TMC RandomEarth

Lossless NFT Raffle

  • Terra Movie Club were minted on RandomEarth using its secondary market feature.
  • We are proposing to airdrop 100 Ok-nims, with a 50/50 split between MINE vs UST stakers. 50 NFTS for MINE Pool and 50 NFTs for UST Pool
  • The pools will be open for 25 weeks, with 4 NFTs being dropped each week (2NFTs on each pool)

Hi @TerraMovieClub

Thank you for your post.

As stated in the Project Application Form:

You should have a discussion with the community, Council and core-team before create a Governance Vote. It seems you have posted and created a Gov proposal at the same time, making the GOV proposal questionable for action, even if it passes.

We’re therefore motioning for a “do-over” on the GOV vote, so we can have prior discussions here on forum.


Is that really do-over worth it?
when the original post stipulates all that is required and the voting is still in the process.
How many days of prior discussion required is not something set in stone and discussion can still pretty much happen alongside the vote.
Most of all, the ultimate discussion is the ‘poll’, is it not?


Thank you for your supports! Please shoot us any questions if you have any.


I am of course in no position on my own to say whether it’s a do-over or not. I’m merely pointing to the fact that the established “run way” for going to GOV poll was not followed.

Given the fact that yes votes started pouring in on the poll, before the forum post was available (it was flagged as spam), tells me that some governance voters don’t DYOR before voting. That’s why the rules are established, so that those who actually do research can vet and ensure that things are ok. Therefore I don’t necessarily trust that the ultimate decision is the poll it self, under these circumstances.

Now please understand that I’m not saying that TerraMovieClub is trying to scam or anything like that, but if project proposals are allowed like this, then scammers will surely come out of the bushes to do UST money steals / rug-pulls.

A couple of days to discuss before a GOV poll would be minimum, if you ask me. Previously, in other forum posts up to 14 days have been proposed from post → poll.


I understand and agree with you about the risk of exploits and the importance of due dilligence. But I wouldn’t agree that the ‘run way’ is established in anyway at the current state. And maybe that’s something we should really do set in stone.

I understand (proposed) 14days you refer to is from this post

Maybe not 14 days, but I do agree some concrete number of days would be a good idea. Because at the moment there is all the room for interpretation. For example, the 2 days example is from a recent proposal of similar project and it has barely a couple of replies before the poll.

On the other hand, risk of suggesting ‘do-over’ because it feels or could be… is not something we want to set precedent on.

Again, I understand your point about the risk of scammers. But I’m guessing with this project and some others the influx of initial yes is probably from their established fanbase. And I think people from other Terra community getting involved with Pylon via these new projects is something to be excited about.


Hi, I hope to be able to work with the Pylon Protocol!