TerraBots Lossless NFT Raffle


  • Project Name: TerraBots
  • Description of Project: Terra Bots are 10,101 randomly generated 3D NFTs designed for a future Metaverse on the Terra blockchain.
    With the inadequacy of humanity sending planet Earth into turmoil, the LUNAtics were left with no choice but to explore the Terra Verse in the search of greener pastures. To cover the vast expanse of the Terra Verse, the LUNAtics developed a collection of highly intellectual robots to explore the possibilities of another planet to call home…
    However, the LUNAtics became greedy, advancing the technology and capabilities of the Terra Bots tenfold even though they had been advised against it. Shortly after, the Terra Bots became sentient, severing themselves from their Human masters.
    It did not take long for the Terra Bots, with their high processing speeds, to realise that their existence would not be possible without the LUNAtics. With this knowledge, the Terra Bots decided to set out on their mission to help find the LUNAtics a new home in the cosmos.
  • Current Development Stage of the Project: Post Mint
  • Website URL: https://terrabots.io/
  • Discord: TerraBots

Lossless NFT Raffle

  • TerraBots were minted on RandomEarth, this is also the home of the secondary market place
  • We are proposing to airdrop 200 TerraBots, with a 40/60 split between MINE vs UST stakers (80 NFTs for MINE pool & 120 NFTs for UST pool)
  • The pools will be open for 50 weeks, with 2 NFTs being dropped in each pool, each week.

Thanks for coming to Pylon.

I am yet to own a TerraBot, but recon they look pretty dope. This might just be my chance to own one :D.

Keen for you guys to launch your pools.

Looks great guys.

Super excited about the TerraBots project!

Thanks for submitting the proposal.

Lossless raffles are always welcomed on Pylon.

As a sidenode, I think front page of gateway should be redesigned to be more user friendly with so many projects joining our community.

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I know I will win one this time :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Always nice with more raffles to lock Ust and with additional odds for stakers to get some dope NFTs.

One question :
Why the uneven split between UST and MINE pool? I’m aware the other raffles are also like this, I’m just wondering why. No reason for me to vote no, just curious.

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